The final year of KaW

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  1. "I don't fear the Germans and Singaporeans stealing everything I've earned" 

    Those were great times, always trying to be on to caught strips and such..
  2. I think -grizzy- for VK
  3. Having played this game for the better part of a decade, with a year and a half long break, shortly after the second pvp event, coming back and seeing 1.2 billion as the bc stat was crazy. Even more crazy was how easy growth was. I've been to 50m cs 10 times in 6 months, and i login maybe 2 times a day.

    Clan chat doesn't move. At its slowest, wc can have a message sit on screen for an hour. It feels like the final months of fc. Everyone logs in, unloads, gets off. This game is dying. It has been from the start, but now its obvious
  4. It's not at what fc was yet. Fc had days without wc moving and this was well before it's final months.
  5. I'm addition to that about a year ago wc was slower than what it is now. It's had a bit of a bounce back.
  6. if kaw ends how will i keep accumulating my year achievement badge ????
  7. Support
  8. You ALWAYS go against the grain so your posts are irrelevant you just like to make waves
  9. I love this post, so true. Thank you, Cheesy One.

  10. Microcosm of reality? ....yeah I guess you would know cheese since you like creating your own reality
    You would know I guess
  11. Ahhh memories ...all the lies from devs over the years and how so many pandered in an effort to get what they want but didn't but kept on pandering till it was all too obvious they wouldn't get what they want then they try to jump on the boat and join the conversation and start complaining what others have already been complaining about but it's too late because the devs become too empowered from previous weakness to give a damn anymore about what players actually say anymore ...yesssshhhh the memories such good times
  12. Never thought I'd ever end up saying this, but I agree with Swabia 
  13. True I only active now a days because if I quit the game someone will spin a nice story to explain an claim inactivity I myself remember 1 account could farm a whole clan nowadays a clan farm the same person because most are same person jus like with gaw once the big spenders faked so did game
  14. Yes shifter because your post was so relevant.
  15. Mei will send you a post card. Cowlegend999 just sent mine from year 4, so he's running late.
  16. When i logon i dont even recognize this game anymore.

    It might not be dead but its getting there, only a real dumb ass wouldnt see that.

    RIP to all the amazing players that have quit this game.
  17. I disagree...

    There's no way you knew my clan cc was dead, we have a 100mcs requirement.

    Therefore no support.
  18. If kaw gets shut down, can they keep the forums still? :-(
  19. Someone set up a kaw forum years ago. Not sure what happened to it, but they're cheap and easy to maintain. Anyone can set one up in under a day and just pay like $5 a month to keep the servers up.
  20. chat's all appear dead to me considering the old rule was 3mins of silence=dead chat, now i see hours of silence in any clan i've joined over the last few players don't seem interested enough to find out how the game works & all who bother to stick around become hnr players like many of the older accounts...led by example i guess...spending seems to be going down except for a small new content, only just slight modifications to existing content which is making a more stagnant and dull environment...pvp sucks as devs never fixed any issues of balancing...gaps are way, way, way too big so there's no appeal to grow anymore...i wouldn't say kaw'll die alltogether any time soon but it is not a highly successful game anymore & i can't see it ever becoming one again.