The final year of KaW

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  1. Also, for everyone disagreeing with Swabs or Mel, ya'll are simply too new to the game still. Swabs and Mel have been here for what? 5-6 years? I reckon after playing a game got 6 years you get a feel for when things are slowing down and dying.

    Face it, the game is at the end.

    For the people saying, "Kaw is a just a passing of time. We arent addicted to it", yes, we know. That is the problem. 5-7 years ago, if you joined and managed to stay a week without being farmed into quitting, you were hooked. There's a reason the term Kawcaine was used. It was addicting. I remember pushing a 24 hour day after working just to be included on the strip. I'm currently in a clan, watching the same 3 people talk in CC, realizing how nooby they are. I check their stats and the smallest one talking is 100m cs. Growth is retarded. Nothing to lose. The game is boring.
  2. Ah geez another post mortem before a death.
    Game is full of pessimists to say the least.

    Pointless and repetitive forum threads on this topic serving no purpose whatsoever.

    Anyone care to disagree with that?
  3. We all still have radios in our cars, don't we? :lol:
  4. So what if it is the last year? A couple of guys created a tap tap game that captivated the minds of tens of thousands of people for over half a decade.

    It paid their rent and fed their families and enabled them to set their lives on a trajectory toward a better life and to create jobs.

    People have gotten married to other players and had kids together because of this game.

    We've gone through so much drama together over the years. There's been doxxing, lawsuits, cheating, death threats, theft, romance, and jealousy.

    It's got its own economy, complete with rulers and plebs. It created an alternate reality for so many people.

    Kaw, as I see it, is a microcosm of reality. It's got all the making of the real world - corruption, greed, made and broken alliances, wars, trading, families, and criminals.

    Personally, I say kudos not just to the devs, but also to us, the people in the community, who made this place what it is. There will never be another kaw.
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  5. The player base has dropped over the years with around 16k active players at a time. I noticed cc and wc slow down but does not mean the game is ending in a year or two. ATA has hired more developers and have tried to make improvements to this game more than ever. They have shown that they are trying to make improvements. As for pvp, eb did not kill pvp. Dev have implemented rewards to help motivate people to attack others. Pvp is still around but has slowed down. It's because of the player base has changed. One area that needs improvement is customer support. A few years ago the dev would reply in detail but now they just send a generic copy and paste response and most of the time their response does not align with the issue (they didn't read). I have seen players quit and come back (myself).
    We will never have the information to say how much longer ata will last since we don't have access to the financials for their product lines (games).
  6. I will never admit Kaw is dying. Do you realise that every time someone says that a noob dies? That's serious lol...

    Plus me as a Omet am trying to keep everyone who dissed us? As far back as Teops war declearion of war against Vs Sparta Elite. .. I know you've said they've become crap, but they still have declared war on Omets. .... so what I'm trying to say is ... Kaw isn't dead! I'm still here. . I'd love to swear but you know who you are. . Let's war
  7. *pill runs thro in a rabbit suit n a bottle of rum*
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  9. Kingdoms of Heckfire is what KaW would be in the modern age. This new ata game will take the mantle from KaW and pimd.

  10. The modern age?
    Now thats a revelation indeed 

    I'll take a stab at that one.
    Old days was training wheels.
    Modern days they r removed?
  11. Nighthawk. KaW is not shy of a decade old, the developers certainly have a better understanding of what does and doesn't make for a popular selling game.

    Nobody new is joining KaW. It's not a diss on KaW, but if you were scanning the app store for a new game of this type you would certainly bypass KaW. It has I think a one star rating and poor reviews. It's just us now.

    All good things must come to an end.

    Even if new players started, how would they even begin to understand and what the hell is going on?

    Max plunder. Allies value matters then the stats of the allies matter not the value, equipment, events, dead clan chats. Weird adds, all kinds of epics that they can or can't hit. Steal assass atk and scout. Who would persevere ?

    It's time has almost come. The game is far to complex for the uninitiated.
  12. There should be a kaw classic where there is no PvE whatsoever and just the low lands. PvE kind of killed the social aspect of the game.
  13. I'm not sure if people nowadays will enjoy that as much as would believe. We are already used to the huge stats, quick growth, and quick gold.
  14. I hear you but efforts have bern made on various levels where new players can join and have fun. Its up to the community to help new folks learn and train them as its always been.

    As for ratings its a poor way to judge a game.
    Games r powered by ppl and pessimism is to be taken with a grain of salt. I don't prescribe to popularity contests. I'd rather experience a game 1st hand.
  15. Honestly I think you're wrong but good post anyway.
  16. Returning after 4 years to see a few peeps and nice to see a few familiar faces. I used to be able to hit LB players now I can't hit anyone . Even fell for the old castle upgrade as I'm such a dumb ass lol.

    Having been in countless OSWs the art of stripping someone clean is becoming a lost art. The amount in silver now as it's called to grow is ridiculous needing quadrillions as trillions has become the new billion. what next quintillions ?

    Anyway the push from the start was always to grow be it on the various growth strategies where my build hansel was designed for osw in order to zero , pot burn or assist in stripping.

    The hatred was very much real, through various strategies deployed to keep the fires burning as an osw was never a sprint but a marathon to wear down the enemy clan to where it was no longer effective through stifling the ability to finish EBs , hunt down banks , hurt the bigger players by pinning them etc while worrying about moles etc etc

    Having been on both sides of the equation it could be very demanding growth was never a question as any funds would go to a bank such as the way things where. However the losing side by osw law requires to place a humiliating
    surrender in the forums with maybe agreed funds to the victor.

    Anyone remember the lovely belle ? Took us about a month solid with lots of xtals to burn her pots and strip her clean when all was finished she said she lost over a trillion and we had managed to go through 20k spy def pots.

    For me coming back with a fresh pair of old eyes I personally would reduce the items and keys etc while maintaining the chance to win additional build tokens. As u said Swabia the ally market will always be as it for it will never change .

    But for Pvp I have always been a strong advocate of introducing damage. Can u imagined if ur stripped and then wake with damaged stables !
  17. There's another issue which creates inequality in current day KaW which is the pricing for nobs and xstals. An EU-based player pays about 20% more than an US-based player for xstals and nobs thru google. Fyi, today €1.00 costed $1.18...
  18. I am Sky

    Next Black Friday there will be one or more 100Q accounts. It's possible one or two could get there manually.

    Week after KAW will close.

  19. I agree with Swabia.
    Tokens were supposed to be able for people to catch up, but zta until summer and nk every weekend is only going to seperate the spenders even further from the non spenders. You can make 80 aqau and inferno off of one netherking. How long would that take not doing the nk? Theirs a lot more i could say on this but it all circles around what swabs said. I remember the community, I don't see that much anymore.

    I'll even go as far as saying the locking/deleting of the threads is also part of the reason the community has died. Long ago threads werent locked for dumb grey area reasons the mods deemed fit. Threads died because the community chose them too. The mods now adays almost have a quota they have to reach each day when it comes to locking threads which stiffles the free speach and sense of community on the forums. The forums used to be an entire part of kaw unto themselves, unless it was popular it never stayed on the first page now I see things taking days just to get off the front page.
    Like The Office said, "I wish there were a way to know you were in the good ole days, before you left them."