The final year of KaW

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  1. Greetings players.

    A few notes on when I post in forums before I get to my point. Some clown will come on and try and make themselves a real boy instead of Pinocchio by calling me out to PVP or saying my stats are small because for 5 years all I did was pound noobs like them. As much fun as it is to troll them back there's little point anymore.

    Now, on to my point.

    The original thrust of this game and the thing which brought excitement was PVP and the treat of losses against the gains you made there. There were clans who HATED each other. Clans were actually built on hating everyone and fighting those oppressors. (Well, the first 2 clans anyhow)

    The beginning of the downfall was the system war. That lead to gold farming which lead to the game developers building an PvE gold farming system. From there they added items and land and escalation in order to keep changing money to advance for most players on the highest order.

    In that same time they altered the scale of losses and what they did to a player. Basically a stripout is one order magnitude lower than what it originally was.

    So the only thing left is conversation with the community. Growth makes absolutely no sense anymore because the scale makes no sense. Next month there will be items 10x the size of what you have now, and new lands will be open and the ally market will plod along just as it always has.

    The community is dying also. I have recently popped across a few clans. Cc is dead everywhere. War clans, eb clans, retirement clans... your clan. Take a look.

    So, ATA will keep this game as long as it's making money. I don't have any insight into how much this game makes against what it costs to operate. ATA has more devs than it ever has, so it must be making money, but I can't imagine this game will retain viability much longer with its current trajectory. Now, a prediction of 1 more year has only the option of being clearly debunked a year from now by someone bumping this (and more trolls). Even in playing as long as I have the complexity of the interface on this game is completely offputting. If I downloaded this game new tomorrow having never seen it I'd delete it in 2 days.

    Now, I have noted I have only the players data point and not the financial data point, but it's clear this game doesn't have the interest and stay up all night draw it once had.

    I don't fear the Germans or Singapore stealing everything I earned for a month in one nightly sweep with kind giggles on my wall.

    The game has advanced away from its magic.

    Is this a complaint thread? No. I don't think the game can be saved. It's not sour grapes. It's just an observation.

    Well, good luck. I'd be happy to hear if your cc is active.
  2. I remember last year being the last year. And the year before that. And the.. well you get it. Kaw will survive, always has, always will.
  3. How original, a KaW is dying thread.
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  4. Agreed.

    I (still) love this game, but as they say, all good things must end.

    I hope that perhaps I am wrong, but from my pov, the only thing left is for the game to pass on. As you say, the ux is too complex. The devs have tried to make the game appeal to all, and in doing so, have removed the original draw--the fear of loss and the ecstasy of victory.

    That was really what made kaw fun. The fear, the anger, the revenge, and if you were persistent, the pleasure that came when you beat your opponents into submission.

    The chase of one's opponents have been replaced by the chase for gold, items, and equip. And the unfortunate truth is that one's cup never fills.

    Once players realize that they will always be chasing the shiny new trinket, they will begin asking "why?"

    The answer to that question--at some point--will become unsatisfactory for most of us. The time and the financial commitments will no longer add up. Excitement will be replaced with the resign that goes along with an unwanted, second job.

    If the devs were to re-release kaw one day, I hope they'll stick to the plan for the game, not try to make everyone happy. They'll need to focus on pvp...real pvp.

    And while this is my own personal soapbox, I hope they'll hire a economist. The inflation, while just one nail, has had a big part in scuttling this game.
  5. In regards to the idea of the community dying, I've been noticing the same things. Clans are much slower and a quick look on the clan LB shows that there's about 225 active clans left.

    I recall a thread from a few years ago that claimed that monster alliances were killing off KaW, and I think that's precisely what is really taking place now. If you're not apart of a big alliance (whether eb or war), chances are your clan won't be around for too much longer.

    While I think the game has more than a year, I think it's hard to say how much longer exactly. Growth in stats and inflation is exponential and has no signs of slowing anytime soon. Only time will tell.
  6. Yh cc isnt active anymore. I remember when u couldn't keep up with em lol. Alot of clans are dying.
  7. I dont know how long it can exist. But i comfirm new playing is dieing out. Why? Because even if you spent 10000, you will not catch up LB, so whats the point?
  8. I remember when I was younger 3-4 years ago hoping to one day be as big as Chongo_Hombre, I recently rejoined KaW and realise you can now get there in a matter of weeks, it's sad.
  9. I grew 30mcs yesterday...
  10. Possible

    All things do have an end

    I dun spend so if it does end....I won't b hurt
  11. How did you get to those stats without spending?
  12. You realize that people have lives they're not gonna stay on kaw 24/7 plus kaw is a way too pass time for most
  13. I never understood these type of posts. This was true 2-3 years ago too? You couldn't spend enough money to catch up to redstar and cella, then after that you couldn't sped enough money to catch wooloooloop. Nowadays it's someone else at the top. So what? You were never going to catch them, never. You're still not.

    What does that have to do with playing kaw? The game is fun, the interaction with other people is fun, war is fun (system and osw), who cares how big you are or if you'll ever catch those top guys? You couldn't 3 years ago anymore than you can now so just keep playing and have fun.
  14. lolololol you grow so big without spending, sure pmaybe but you spend so muchtime on this game, so you lost too noob.
  15. I call bull as well, people always say the same dumb thing on how it's dying
  16. No!
    KaW will never end!
  17. Easy solution

    Pvp crux chests

    Event Items from bl hits outside the weekend

    Maybe p2p spells (to replace seals and zta pirces) to take more gold, gain more gold , faster regen?

    In 2010/11 kaw replaced pvp with ebs

    In 2017 kaw should replace ebs with pvp.
  18. Are you implying that the udder is nearly dry?
  19. The most important point almost got lost in all the other fair points you made but it was CC dying. The allure of Kaw was always more social than war based for most of the playerbase and the fact that CC isn't a draw anymore is really a killer