The Final Goodbye

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  1. Long nights warring with old friends from clans all over the game. Lots of fun filled, action packed, down to the wire wars that I spent hours and hours and hours on trying to work my way to the top. From RH in the beginning seasons to PvP Beasts and everyone in between, Thank you for making my years worthwhile in this game and teaching me a thing or two.

    I started the game back in November of 2013 while I was only 12 years of age and not too long until I received my first silence while ultimately led to a permanent silence and creation of my current account sometime in February of 2014. I grew up with this game, I learned with this game, being one of the youngest players in such an older persons game has taught me to act way more mature than any other kid my age at the time and I have had many experiences that have taught me and shaped who I am today. Oh and not to mention how many times I’ve been asked “Hey, what are you playing,” to where I answer “I’m not explaining because you’ll never understand”

    With ATA not listening to players feedback 95% of the time this game did not turn out that bad. Besides the money and time they sucked out of us this game has been the longest I have ever played and probably ever will play. I’ve tried deleting many times just to re-download and even today I think about all the fun nights I had playing.

    Not that any of you care or even just remember me. I’ve grown up with this game and want to say to everyone that I have had a run in with wether it be friend or foe,

    Thank you

    ~ Cub 
  2. See ya next week
  3. Deffo one of the best players I came against in the rancor wars, shame to see another person drop out and make the war roster even smaller.

    - Twin (Insert Moonface and Balloon)
  4. no one cares ****
  5. Best wishes.i always wondered who was NotCub, NotTom what was the story behind the 'Not' saga. So many on kaw started appearing with 'Not' before their screenname.Was it to confuse the opposite e.e team?
  6. Sorry to see you go Cub. I enjoyed talking to you and having you in my old clan for a while. I wish you nothing but the best and should you ever pop back on, please say hi. You'll be missed. Best of luck!
  7. I’ve already had game deleted for a few months :p
  8. Goodbye Cub....

    You were such a good friend and I will never forget you. I remember when we started this journey we had no idea all the wacky times we were in for. Remember the 'Winey Tunnel'?!?! Hahaha good times.

    Warring with you is something that I know most others would be envious of if they ever knew the moments we shared. The odds weren't always in our favor we came through with a vengence even we couldn't believe. Im sorry to see those times in the past but Im glad that I got to live through them with you than to have never had them at all.

    Now that you're leaving, please know most will never be able to comprehend the impact you have had on this game and that you will be missed by those of us who know what you have done for this community. Thank you for being you and good luck in all your future endeavores.

    Thank you again,

  9. Decent warrior, sad to see you leaving, take care
  10. This hits home
  11. Cub tighten up buttercup and login.
    You used to talk to me and Cbg about your little league games. And you were 23 and 1.
  12. Bye Felicia....
  13. Who are you ? Why are ppl calling you a warrior?
  14. Awww I hate goodbyes. I started in 2010 and finally retired. Most of my KaW buddies have been gone for a while now. Have a good life and bright future
  15. Very best of luck in real life.
  16. Bye Cub, warring with you was always a pleasure️
  17. So it started cause when I joined the username ‘Tom’ was taken so I for some reason settled for NotTom, then during I think s4/s5 ish when I was with PvP Beasts a few of my friends thought it would be funny to make ‘Not’ a thing... so basically it was just a few of us being stupid together and then people started thinking we were all the same person haha