The Final Battle: An Invasion of Realms

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  1. What the hello is sniping and node knocking??
  2. [​IMG]

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  3. So it's taking 12+ hours to calculate the results πŸ‘€
  4. 2+ days now.
  5. Any idea who won?
  6. We've calculated the results...and this time the win goes to the scholars. However, we want to thank everyone who participated for their valiant efforts! You've made The Endecatheon proud.

    If you haven't heard, all those realm invasions caused the KAW and PIMD realms to merge.

    You know what that means KAW...😈

    For eternal glory!

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  7. So who won?
    Not that it really matters to me, what matters more is β€œWhen is ASW?”
  8. ASW date already posted as Oct 6,7,8. You can find date and times in Clan > Clan Events > View War Schedule.
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  9. Who exactly are scholars? Lol
  10. And what were the scores?
  11. I dont get it. I just want to know the result of war on which i spend 20 hours.