The Fellowship Tourney

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. This event is very lacklustre compared to the last event... Was really exciting working as a team to get the tiers for the legend. Been so long since we had a chance to do this. And other games pull this off successfully

    I do understand why people would want the individual legend to work on especially if the clan thing isnt working for you and you are a lone ranger

    I dont understand why we cant have both. Most games these days involving clans/guilds/teams have teamwork aspect and a solo one also

    And what on earth can be anymore contradictory as a clan loyalty bonus... You keep when you move clans - please get rid of that change its a LOYALTY bonus
  2. No, lances and spy glasses only impact the number of combination items you get. Please check the items' descriptions for details :)
  3. Now everyone's clan hopping again. Liked the last event in terms of clan teamwork and loyalty. And as per an earlier post of mine, Iwould like devs to trial increased chances of plate drops with loyalty. That would especially help all lower level players/ clans
  4. How could there’s no Blood Rain EBs listed in the epic battles menu?
  5. a good approach is needed, I am curious how my soldiers are doing
  6. Are they still not showing up for you?

  7. They’re listed now. That day no Blood Rain eb was listed until the next day.
  8. Hope next event has an individual competition.
    I didn’t know your a dev in this game. It’s o
    You’re repeating what I’m saying about zta winning. My point is clear. The individual competition is killed because of this clan event. Not sure if I can be more clear than that🙄