The Farmer's Journey, Part 3: The Nemesis

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Why the heck is the pvp event only 1 day this time?
  2. I made a thread about this..
  3. Devs returned my feedback and it seems that this is a typo. PvP event should be 3 days as it normally is.
  4. What am i supposed to do with 29 Boxes, if i van only open a few for free, Devs please let is open 2 Boxes x day, dont be greedy 
  5. omg my free stuff. you only get that many if you do hte anyway.
  6. 29 boxes?

    I havnt gotten one in the past 4 days =.=
  7.  in not spending 20 dlls to get 20 wine cups x box that would bring in around 400, maybe some plunder spells, But what is th luck Uh? I got a free Seal when i open my second Chest free Thx devs
  8. then dont
  9. I would buy a shirt and cap from Kaw, devs you should look in to that... xD
  10. You cant be serious.....
  11. low pressure areas suck
  12. For next event how about putting pvp opt in spell AWAY from the 4 main mith spells. I was locked in war, mithing up and finger hit screen while scrolling down to first spell and it opted me into pvp. Or even a secondary opt in button. Like a "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT IN?". LOL
  13. Warring should give us elixir
  14. Then what blows?
  15. My Ex.
  16. ^Think you could put in a good word for me?
  17. Fairly sure she's a lady pastor now.
    Apparently time with me converted her.
    No idea why, she said she liked reading 50 shades so I figured acting out some scenes would be fine.
    So fickle.
  18. Every time I get down to zero spies people steal from me 50-100 times while I'm at zero spies is this normal? This is ruining the event for me. Losing shackles as fast as I collect them because of this... doesn't make sense to me, shouldn't I be dtw?