The Farmer's Journey, Part 2: The Book of Aradmel

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  1. I think that it is fun, but all the events/ promos are getting a little old. Its one tight after another. Why dont we get a breat from it and take a darn chill pill.... yes I understand the "freebies" and stuff, but what I dont get is that its even more difficult to go on vacation and worry about a promo... or go to school and worry about a promo, or even work. People do have lives outside of kaw, and most people stop what they are doing for promos so that they can actually get some good stuff. Most of us dont have that luxury though, and have to do stuff still, which gives us the problem of HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO EARN THIS STUFF?!?! Its not like we can sit in an hte clan with out seals and its not like small clans can run hte with out help.... just sayin, its not fair to the smalls.
  3. Nice to get good equip and BBs
    I also like the stories
  4. People at 1300 I'm at 0 hooray
  5. Speak for yourself dude. Not EVERY person said the same. If you're gonna make a statement, get your facts straight. Don't go making up things to defend your pathetic point.
  6. Great News everyone, pay for HTE to get all items dropped to combine together for event.

    For clans / players who don't nob for HTE, you only get 1 of the 4 types of items for EBs that you don't pay for (in my testing) - so looks like another great earnings quarter for ATA

  7. support
  8. For making these events fair devs should do 2 things:
    1.That hte doesnt drop the items to collect
    2.That items in place of 4 were 1.
    if hte doesnt drop the items many players should look for eb rotations ...then IS WHEN THE EVENTS WOULD BE FUNNY trying to be at lb all players with the same oportunities
  9. You gave shoulders away not recently. Why dont you make a diff eq slot like underwear. This gives u better regen time
  10. Support! Ata I'm one customer who will not drop another $ in this game think many are thinking the same now.
  11. Too funny I will support this crazy little noob solely for levity reasons and some of what it says rings true 
  12. No effort for event
    No effort for S5 war proposal
    No effort post
  13. Why are we collecting mayo?
  14. Just aim for the 2.5k mark.U wont need xtal or seal to get there.
  15. The Farmer's Journey,Part 3:The Truth of the Book
    The Farmer's Journey,Part 4:Searching the Farmer out
    The Farmer's Journey,Part 5:The End of the Quest
    ---9000 years later---
    The Farmer's Journey,Part 76823293:The Farmer's Relations
  16. No support.
  17. Monieeessssss. I support this guy! ^
  18. I must say I do enjoy the events because it provides another challenge for everyone to try and complete.
    However I don't think they should be this often, perhaps twice a year? Otherwise the equipment drops for the top 10 or top 100 become far superior to any equipment that can be gained through waring or EB's. This wouldn't be as much of an issue if been in the top 100 was not reliant on paying-to-win but because HTE drops more (Which is fair enough from a business perspective) it does widen the gap between those at the bottom and those at the top of the leaderboard.
    I do however enjoy the events, just perhaps not as often?