The Farmer's Journey, Part 2: The Book of Aradmel

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  1. The current state of people already ticked off by the massive separation the level 4+5 release attainable by only LB and big big spenders, and now they can seperate even further by collecting the top rewards, furthering their BFA and build even more.

    Free stuff? Hardly. Even fast b2b EB rotation clans had a hard time getting 5k, and I'm not even going to waste my time on the PvP with the absurd hit ranges and the fact whomever max xtals on the biggest OSF/OAF wins.

    No need to fix problems before stuff gets released though, there's plenty of $$$ coming in from 200ish accts.
  2. When people say you brown nose but your skin color is brown...

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  3. Listen, if it were me I would limit the events entirely.

    Like other F2P (free to play) games, I would have free login rewards ranging from seals of the damned, xtals and nobility. But like it or not, the system is set in place that we get Free GOODIES through these events.

    Have to make the most of it rising star, there's no other way for any other player to get free stuff ATM other then these events.
  4. So new players and smalls who are really the chance and future of kaw are gonna enjoy using limited speakers to find 4 diff parts. Just drop one item maybe at diff rates if u must but at least people dont have to wait for four ebs till they know how many thry get. The only fast ebs which drop lots is hte.
  5. We dont need events!!! Just fix this game 
  6. Come on everybody get on the bandwagon. Lmao. America land of the sheeple
  7. Such a great Bday present. I liked last years better when there was an hte promo :lol:
  8.  no support.

    Fun story, but the mage is still a moron and this event is still to costly.

    Here is why I don't support.

    Because it's still another rinse and repeat event that forces you to do HTE to get any decent rewards.

    HTE dominance on Events makes them shameful.

    Also that 6 dollar sword (sickle, bowl of damn fruits, whatever) spell is also ridiculous and makes the PvP blitz not worth it.

    I'll support an event when it is cheaper to get the rewards (not saying HtE shouldn't have an edge or that xstals should give you more awards) but the difference is so ridiculous that the only way to get anything good is to park your ass in a clan that spams HTE.
  9. For a 2 week event, a starting player will have a difficult time competing for the higher end yes. You are absolutely 100% correct.

    But for a starting player, what ebs can they even hit? The whole point of these events is to boost all players in the community. Whether it's newbies with starter equipment to mids with crux and bronze etc.

    Do I like these events? No, I'm tired of them.
    But you can't deny they bring some good.
  10. Pls don't make a part 3
  12. i like stuff because reasons
  13. Support
  14. Here is what I mean.

    You should not need xstals or HTE to get Tier 4 prizes if you are really active.

    For tier 5, yeah, you should need to filter in some HTE or pop a couple xstals.

    Top 100 should have to spam HTE and xstals.

    On the PvP event, xstals should fund that event just fine.
  15. If they put half the effort into fixing the war system as they do the stupid stories before events this game might actually be fun. Alas...we get a story that 90% looking at this skipped over knowing its just another lame eb event exactly the same as the others.
  16. I'm leaving a comment here
  17. Support

  18. Part 1 of this event I got 5k, stopped spending on kaw 6 months ago. Get a tissue, dry your eyes
  19. Though in my opinion an event is the last thing we need right now, I do appreciate devs at least bringing back the option to "bank" the pvp items at 500. This will be welcomed by players who during Part 1 found themselves becoming clan targets and losing over half their earned items every time they shut their eyes for a few hours.
  20. Dont buy into the event. Just smash along doing whatever you normally do and don't spend a dime. Money talks and if we aren't happy with the events being presented no matter how many time we tell em, then dont spend and the message may sink in deeper. Just my humble opinion. In a few days everyone posting their dissatisfaction with the event will be in a b2b hte clan though i can almost guarantee you. :shock: