The Farmer's Journey, Part 1: Testament of the First Harvest

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  1. I would like to see on the next event, Haunting the Escape, is not included. The items that are being offered should be earned, correct? If not why dont you just put a price tag on to the event items then, HTE was Supposed to be a Limited summer event.Is that to much to ask? I am sure that the Leader board will be very different.
  2. Its a premium item. It should have a premium payout.
  3. It does, gold.

    Doesnt mean it has to completely dwarf all other ebs during an event.
  4. It should. I would expect a Bugatti to be better equipped than a Ford. No?
  5. So your opinion is is that hte shouldn't just offer an advantage, but it should make all other ebs irrelevant?
  6. Other Ebs have been irrelevant unless you still need the items. Haunting only used for free seals.
  7. If I buy something for 3x gold I would hope I have an advantage.
  8. Thats not the argument. The argument is to what extent should the advantage be.
  9. HtE does not dwarf the scythe plunder.
  10. Good to hear. Not what im talking about though.
  11. Should be more reward levels ie top 200, 300, 400, 500, etc. for such a long event
  12. The jump from 1k to 2.5k to 5k is too much, recommend 2k n'd be nice to allow for the fact we have real lives too! ....also, what happened to the Leaderboard reports during the event?
  14. The leaderboard reports? Isn't that why they made an event page
  15. The bad question is how you shut up
  16. Re: The Farmer's market

    It was not immediately available iOS dispersed
  17. Please don't get
  19. And also not obtainable unless your rich. 