The Faeries' Game

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Caster, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. When I click on "Tools" the only option I get is "Report". There are no other editing options.
  2. I tried that, all I get is the option to report myself
  3. Did some testing, I can edit almost any post except the ones in this thread - I wonder if the Events section doesn't allow edits
  4. That's possible, I double-checked that editing worked on a different account--that doesn't have any posts in announcements to try editing.
  5. Ok, trying this event before it ends. Clues fire, murder, sapphire. I assassinate arrowwood with fire blossom on inventory. Get 2 out of 3 message. Do I have to use item? Flower not in a place I can use it. Struggling
  6. Never mind I thought sapphire was green. Who knew
  7. Clueless and no time to research it. Whatever!
  8. This is a frustrating challenge..!!
  9. Take those seedlings and plant them, maybe something less complicated and tedious will bloom
  10. Delphinium/steal/earth
  11. This event sucks 🎱🎱
  12. Why did you have fuchsia as a color? It’s literally half red and half purple lol. Wonder how many purple got that wrong.
  13. Cyan is typically the midpoint between blue and green
  14. Thanks for those which do not speak english (many French). This game is being more and more difficult
  15. Please plant the leftover seedlings in your gardens, they will bloom, fire,ice wind,earth blossoms and all the 4 faeries too😂😂