The Faeries' Game

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  1. Kaw is ****, lots of 1 star ratings coming up in the App Store,
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  2. Who cares .... I have completely given up this is nonsense! I am not wasting time on it ... too complicated and rather childish
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  3. This is the stupidest thing i have ever seen in this game KAW you just suck anymore
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  4. Quite a Mix of opinion here, I find the quest quite fun. It's nice to see something different in kaw. Shame people just get on the Hate Wagon so Fast.
  5. For those who have many names in their blocked list; another option (if you are on Android) is to copy all names, these will be on your clipboard when you try to paste later. You can then open clipboard and tap "pin to clipboard" and have another easy ql to each of the faeries 👊
  6. Awful event, this is supposed to be a war game. I won’t be opening boxes for seedlings ? I’ll wait for next event as I’m sure many others will.
  7. I personally don't see what's so awful about it honestly. It takes more effort, albeit moderately, and is certainly more interesting than the usual tap tap eb maybe war and collect "prizes" of most events. I've seen a lot of people actually working to help each other out and progress, rather than simply open the game-unload-close and repeat.
  8. need an option to change seedlings im still stuck with 0 earth and 7 of the other 3 and 4/5 of last riddles have needed earth...
  9. My honest opinion on this event, devs created something that community could do as a whole to work together and help each other. Instead of looking for the easy way out, snag someone in wc or follow someone. I've helped 12 different ppl so far and that's only because 3/12 are either colorblind or dyslexic. It's not that hard to get help if you ask for it. Just sayin..
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  10. I still haven’t unlock the event
  11. Fire - burning , conflagrant, sizzling, igneous, flaring, empyreal, kindled, blazing, scorching
    Ice - hiemal, frigid, brumal, gelid, rimy, chilly, wintry, frosty, glacial, icy, nivean
    Wind - lofty, vaporous, aerial, drafty, favonian, breezy, gusty, mistral, blustery, aeolian
    Earthly - wealdish , ligneous, woody, rustic, timber, barklike, wood, lumbery, sylvan, arboreous
  12. rafflesia (Red) - carmine, rose, vermilion, cardinal, erythraen, garnet, crimson, ruby, incarnadine, scarlet
    ophrys (purple) - amethyst, aubergine, magenta, ianthine, heliotrope, fuschia, porphyrous, orchids, plum
    delphinium (blue) - cyan , pavonated, azure, cerulean, zaffre, sapphire, cobalt, ultraMarin, indigo
    arrowwood (green) - shamrock, jade, celadon, emerald, lime, chlorochrous, chartreuse, malachite, citrine, viridian
  13. My biggest gripe with this event is that all the rewards are paltry when accounting for the time it takes to get the right blossom, which are all given only sometimes when you complete an eb.
  14. Although the side Legend for this event is explained in some detail, nowhere (that I've been able to find) tells us what the 2 items are that you earn from regular Epic Battles that combine together. Could someone post what the 2 items are?
  15. To clarify (as you cant edit your original post): what are the 2 items dropped from
    Goth & Noth that combine to create "Follyvine Intrigue"?
  16. To the FaeFolk and Follyvine Tokens
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  17. Tokens of Follyvine's Favor*
  18. FYI, @Sholron @BatCore @DSCore, editing your post on new forums is super easy. Tap the "tools" button at the bottom of your post and choose edit.
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  19. Such a horrible - waste of time event. Total failure. Nice try KaW, but is a swing and a miss.