The Faeries' Game

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  1. @ATA: "citrine faerie" ?!?
    have you even checked the definition of citrine as gem color? citrine is yellow to orange and not a single of the 4 choices is close to that...
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  2. To be fair, half of green is yellow. Citrine for green is about as odd as cyan for blue, as cyan is halfway between blue and green :|
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  3. Which question need to answer?
    All colours depends on mixture of spectral colours
  4. My English is not as good as yours so thank you for saying this. It is exactly what we think here
  5. If a fairy is to give a riddle and we have to answer a riddle when and what part of legends do we participation
  6. How many riddles do we have to do before we get something worth doing these dumb riddles over and over? This got stale after one riddle.
  7. Approach me with a theft if you can solve my quandary, for I am a red faerie who thinks on hot treasures fondly?????
  8. Steal Rafflesia with a Flaming Blossom
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  9. The last reward tier is 50 correct riddles.
  10. You do realise ....people cannot keep having time for Fairies and riddles and buying Blossoms 😴😴😴

    Especially re Doing the whole thing if you get it wrong ....not a good idea Devs 😒
  11. Idk who thing this event makes us lucky. New ideas for the game are good, but this goes a step behind.

    no support
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  12. I just think you all are a bunch of silly “clever gooses”... I mean, who didn’t download this game to play with fairies? :)
  13. What a painfully slow and monotonous process to do. Total crap.
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  14. I have incorporated what I found as well as the good job electric purple has gathered to consolidate to the following, generally in alphabetical order. I hope this is useful, especially those whose first language is not English.

    I accept any mistake made and hope for understanding.

    Would be great if this can be bumped up and updated regularly to ease searching.


    Arrowwood(green) - citrine, celadon, chlorochrous, chartreuse, emerald, jade, lime, malachite, shamrock, viridian

    Delphinium(blue) - aqua, aquamarine, azure, cerulean, cobalt, cyan, indigo, pavonated, sapphire, ultramarine, zaffre

    Orphys(purple)- amethyst, aubergine, fuchsia, heliotrope, ianthine, lavender, magenta, orchid, plum, porphyrous, violet

    Rafflesia(red) - cardinal, carmine, crimson, erythraean(erythrean), garnet, incarnadine, rose, ruby, scarlet, vermilion


    Earth - aboreous, barklike, dirty, ligneous, lumberly, rustic, sylvan, timber, wealdish, wood

    Flame - burning, blazing, conflagrant, empyrean, fiery, fire, flaring, flaming, hot, igneous, kindled, scorch, sizzling

    Frost - brumal, chilly, cold, frigid, gelid, glacial, hiemal, icy, nivean, rimy, wintry

    Wind - aerial, aeolian, airy, breezy, blustery, drafty, favonian, gusty, lofty, mistral, vaporous, windy


    Fight/Attack - aggression, artillery, assailment, assault, attack, battery, best defence, first 3 letters, offense, onrush, onslaught, rhymes with crack

    Assassinate - donkeys meet, execution, extermination, extirpation, killing, murder, single blade, slaughter, slaying, snuffing, two donkeys, vaporous

    Scout - cannot touch, espionage, explore, inquest, investigate, observe, reconnaissance, rhymes with trout, scrutiny, start of the reaper’s tool, surveillance

    Steal - beg nor borrow, heist, looting, misappropriation, pilfering(pilering), plunder, purloin, ransack, rhymes with real, robbery, theft
  15. Remember kids. If you can't beg or borrow then you go without.

    Stealing is bad.
  16. I enjoyed the idea of it at first. Now not so much. Most ppl dont know how a color wheel works. I.e. cyan has more blue in it than green to scale on the wheel so it's in turn considered blue. But my concern is the play on words for actions. I dislike having to google 45% of the words because idk what they mean. But hey, what difference does that make :rolleyes:
  17. Yeah, still haven’t figured it out. Gave up.
  18. makes it as small as possible how staggered [fights] the better your profit is what I know about faerie is that they are just as strong as elves maybe even family of elves where elves in size groups faerie in small groups so small families think so to beat me well with a small fight
  19. Okay, I give up. What's the answer to this riddle?
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