The Faeries' Game

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  1. What is wrong with you guys at ATA? The things people ask for or to fix get completely ignored, and then you produce something no one wanted, likes, or cares about. Add to that this wonky crashing, laggy platform you never seem to beta test and you produce a declining product to an ever shrinking player base. It's like death by a thousand cuts. A money maker being slowly squeezed like a lemon for those last drops of juice. Riddle that.
  2. Are you hitting the correct fairy?
  3. I request that regardless what action I do, the fairies acknowledge that I solve the riddle.
  4. I have tried to hit every faire nothing
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  5. what do u do , dont get it
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  6. I put the names in the shurch but it say they don't match any

    To get a riddle: attack any of the fairies by searching their name, and it will give you a riddle.

    Tip: block each fairy for an easy link to them from your blocked list.

    - FAIRIES -

    Rafflesia: Red, crimson, ruby

    Ophrys: Purple, amethyst, magenta, fuchsia

    Delphinium: Blue, ultramarine, sapphire, aqua, cerulean

    Arrowwood: Green, emerald, lime, viridian, chartreuse

    - ACTIONS -

    Attack: fight, offense, assailment, onslaught

    Scout: observe, explore, investigate

    Steal: robbery, looting, plunder

    Assassinate: murder, slaughter

    - BLOSSOMS -

    Fireblossom: fiery, flaming

    Frostblossom: cold

    Windblossom: airy, breezy, gusty

    Earthblossom: wood, dirty

    To purchase flowers:

    Complete any premium EBs or: LotL, NotH, GotH to receive seedlings. Free chests might drop a seedling and royal chests are guaranteed to drop a seedling. Purchase a blossom from the marketplace using the same type of seedling.
  8. Don’t be friends with @Thrawn and you will be just fine....
  9. [​IMG]

    ...if you're r/g colorblind, at any rate πŸŒšπŸ˜‰
  10. I like all the people taking way too much time to post replies explaining how to do this trash.

    No, we get it. It's not that hard. It's just really dumb, tedious and unnecessary.

    Anyway, good luck to those of you who enjoy this.
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  11. My riddle says to deliver with a pilering. That’s not a real word lol. Supposed to be pilfering maybe???
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  12. @atawinston why did u let this man @Thrawn become a mod 🀨
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  13. "scouting eyes" "thinks on earthly treasures fondly." gotta be scout with an earthly flower right? Nope that's wrong
  14. If you're doing this event then you're playing the wrong game. Fairies and riddles in a war game? Oh please.
  15. Both are correct, you probably have the wrong fairy. I've solved identical clues.
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  16. What is this ******* **** really ? Devs just want us (or perhaps only me...😜) to stop playing
  17. Am done with it! It's called kingdoms at war! This has to be the most pathetic attempt to amuse the Devs so far!
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