The Faeries' Game

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  1. User base - "i just want a game to tap tap without thinking too much.
    Devs - "hold out beer"
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  2. Lmao my thoughts exactly
  3. Hah. typo. Our not out. But yes. I get paid to think. I dont want my escape to make me think more.
  4. We all know that hope died years ago.
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    To get a riddle: attack any of the fairies by searching their name, and it will give you a riddle.

    Tip: block each fairy for an easy link to them from your blocked list.

    - FAIRIES -
    Rafflesia: Red
    Ophrys: Purple
    Delphinium: Blue
    Arrowwood: Green

    - ACTIONS -
    Attack: offense,
    Scout: observe, explore
    Steal: robbery, looting, plunder
    Assassinate: murder

    - BLOSSOMS -
    Fireblossom: fiery, flaming
    Frostblossom: cold
    Windblossom: airy, breezy
    Earthblossom: wood

    To purchase flowers:
    Complete any premium EBs or: LotL, NotH, GotH to receive seedlings. Free chests might drop a seedling and royal chests are guaranteed to drop a seedling. Purchase a blossom from the marketplace using the same type of seedling.
  6. There's no top 100/50 equip.... You get a palace scam chest instead LMAO. You guys are great
  7. For an online RP game this sort of event is fantastic, storyline, problem solving, collecting, working together, it's all there, and i'm loving it.
    But, as many players say, this is a war game there really shouldn't be any place here for seeds, pretty flowers and sparkly fairies
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  8. So im colour blind, what to do? 🙄
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  9. Everytime we say we like an event you never repeat it.
    So guess i should say this is the best event ever
  10. If you are needing help, wall me. The fact that some of these ppl are charging to help others solve a riddle is beyond me. I will help for free, some are color blind or cant understand some words..wall me your riddle and I will solve it for you and tell you what you need. Dont follow, I'm an admin itll be lost in nf. Request on my wall for a follow and I'll delete your link and follow back. Let me help. :D
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  11. So who’s flower needs watering:D
  12. I need wooden and game thinks its funny and gave me 4 frost...time for 4 fails to clear these out. Silly you cant work on all riddles at once.
  13. You can keep the 4 seeds. You only lose them if you combine with the market place item. Seeds from drop/legends don’t auto die if you att a fairy (only if combined as said before)
  14. I usually don't fool around in forums. Today I just had to. Devs this Faerie legends you have going is the stupidest thing I've seen on the game so far. Can we just go back to the "Days of Yore" Geeshhhhhh
  15. Are the rewards even worth it?
  16. This event is absolutely stupid!! I have the seeds and flowers and I have tried to attack,assistance,scout and steal and I still keep getting defeated.Maybe I am missing something lol
  17. Emm... Attack who??
  18. Give us a war event....this trash belongs in PIMD.