The Faeries' Game

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  1. Not even going to bother uv already messed up every1s peed off with all ur mistakes so t bother
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  2. Search the names once, block them and they'll be ql'd in your blocked list
  3. Looks like a good chance to take an event off
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    1. Damn Dodgers didn't get no one before trade deadline
    2. This event is dumb!
  4. Quick at-a-glance directions posted on my wall ^^
  5. Had four flowers... all failed... I don't know who came up with this stupid crap event but no more of this crap again... not really worth the incentive.
  6. Since it won't seem to let me edit that post, I answer myself with a "No, seeds are not capped"
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  7. Thank god for copy and paste. Please pin to bl or something similar xD idc if it takes up 4 spaces in the bl
  8. No support, this is awful
  9. OK which part of the fairie defines it's colour? Each fairies hair, skin and clothes are different colours?!
  10. Where the devs smoking weed and watching Shadow Hunters at some point?
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  11. You need to be able to sell the flowers, if you got one before knowing what you had to do... Its game over!!!
  12. This is the result of people complaining literally every event. Devs shouldnt hafta do all this extra curricular crap lol.....I'm passing on this one
  13. You cant pin 4 accounts to battle list. Wtf. Seriously. Instead everyone has to search. Idk if I care enough...
  14. No one likes these stupid fake account BL events. Why would you think we would want to search the names too?
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  15. Except my block list is about 26 pages long
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  16. I’m dyslexic I can’t solve riddles it’s actually to hard.
  17. You'll literally just lose out on one seedling, I have a feeling we'll be getting plenty of them. It would be nice though, just a bit low-stakes
  18. However small accounts since it’s the final tier ebs and/or premiums with the small chance of getting them from royals won’t be receiving a lot of seedlings