The Eye of the Aetherlux

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  1. You guys couldn't even add more rewards to the EE LB? Maybe add eq and the new land plates too?
  2. 👍🏼 thank you
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  3. Looks like both the Event Leaderboard and Victory Leaderboard have this “Unknown - Reopen Game” reward but they have different icons🤔
    Probably Pallumen lands tokens, different quantities?
  4. Not to be rude or anything...

    But did you guys mistype the plunder gained?

    Lvl 3-4 gave me like 375k base plunder... Lvl 2-3 gave me like 700... 1-2 still only gave 1m ish? And 0-1 like 3m?

    And yes I'm putting the correct figures. K and m....
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  5. Love the new upgrade keep it up
  6. ATA launching news lands is a huge deal in kaw.

    Where's the fanfare? the leaked artwork? the twitter teasers, the make your mouth water dang I gotta have that like... now!!

    Launching new lands and a game rebalance with fate plates under the radar makes the mind boggle!

    Offence is intended when I say you need a new Sales and Marketing Manager or Creative Director to reposition your product and sell kaw to the masses once more!


    that said thanks nice update!! 😂

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  7. Remember the time we got a break from events XD
  8. Like 4 years ago🤔
  9. Seems like the new buildings give virtually no plunder. Can someone confirm this?

    is this an oversight or intended?
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  10. the new buildings give virtually no stats at low levels. 9mcs at lv1, this very small plunder increase
  11. No it seems like lvl1 is the only level that gives any kind of plunder increase. The rest seem on a par with the plunder increases we might see on abyssal or hf lands
  13. This has to be some kind of joke. With such building cost I see only nominal (close to none) plunder increase. 😂
  14. Might move all my towers here then
  15. looks like the devs have resolved the issue.

    The plunder associated with the new buildings is now reasonable.