The experiment !!

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  1. And the deffinition of a leech . So i thought let's test this theory out , even though i knew the answer anyway . And how so right i was. I went silent for a few day's not giving the haters anything to feed and react on . And true to my words,they completely slithered back into their shell and shut up and had nothing to talk about.They didnt even have the creativaty to write on any other thread .This whole week they all vanished from forums and didnt even interact on any other thread.Then as soon as Saltyfeet wrote a comment today on a thread.Then the leech sprang into action again writting about him . Proving that they cant exert themselves on their own merit they latch onto us using our name to bring them alive and try get fame off our name .
  2. It’s not latching onto your name. You’re an idiot and people respond to idiocy. When you’re not in forums the world is a better place do us all a favor and stay away next time.
  3.  Like a moth to a flame some people are so transparent whenever myself or Saltyfeet talk or write anything.You watch now soon MG will jump on his alts and try lecture me as if he 'runs kaw'!!
  4. I have one alt and i dont post anything on it. Nice try! Also posted my own forum and responded to others while you were “gone”.
  5. I believe the answer is E=MC2
  6. So you went silent, saw people talking to Salty in forums and then claim people are claiming fame off both your names (Even though Salty was the only one being talked to)?

    Did I miss something.

    Roni, ya really need to get some medical help. I spoke with Salty and even though we don't agree on much (anything) we did both recognise you hear voices and that obviously clouds your thought process.
  7. Wait I thought WoG was my alt, WoG what happened bro, I thought we were something -_-
  8. Ngl last few days been pretty quiet and I couldn't quite put my finger on why until now. Do us all a favour and forget to pay your next future internet subscriptions you chav.
  9. This forum post makes my brain turn to oatmeal. I CANNOT BRAIN TODAY! I HAS THE DUMB!
  10. You have the Roni.
  11. Lol entitled brat acting superior to everyone in forums
  12. Sorry that your thread got locked ! You should follow my example and put more of a effort into them .Then maybe one day your name will be nominated for forummer of the year.Then you can turn on your entitled brat swag on .