The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

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  1. Absolute genius.whoevers idea it was needs a award lol.brightest mind n kaw.the supernatural and hampster thing was awsome and GEORGE U DESERVE TO B A KNIGHT! CONGRATS and as always keep up the good wrk
  2. At first I was like whatever, but this actually explains much of what happened. Thank you for the post, and if you plan on posting TL;DR, get out.
  3. Great thread Panda, really enjoyed reading it! :)
  4. "That....was........WICKED!" (The Incredibles) Ty for your post that was a great read
  5. Great read Panda, I still dont know if I like to call you Panda, or George better.. Bahahaha
  6. Good read, think everyone hates super now 
  7. You funded devs two months non stop of 24/7 income which is why they just concentrate on doing these events as they are more lucrative than fixing code.Well done
  8. Congratz, I made 20k .... Did horrible had rarely not hte not rotwb but still did ok
  9. Event/promo code ain't broke yo lmao
  10. Events do add loads of fun to Kaw. The hunt was lucrative and exciting. The only important part missing from Kaw is adding PVP promos or events...I'm sure devs are working on something super epic for PVP. PVP takes way more time because of the extreme abuse that would take place so they have to make sure it's as flawless as they can get it before release!
  11. Thumbs up panda. Now only if you could ee and well and you can catch feathers lol. Respect
  12. Screwed that all up lol
  13. Break down on how much the devs just handed out for free! 3x seals = 177 nobs + 4 horns = 116! Total nobs = 293(roughly $30US)!!! Now inferno 50 x 7.5bil 375bil + aqua 50(5 xstals per 1 = 250 xstals/roughly $160 US!!! That's just for 90k tier. So multiple those numbers by 3400! So 30 x 3400=102,000..those are free nobs devs donated in this event. Now inferno! 375b x 3400=1,275,000(T). All numbers are rough and I've given up being a noob Mather's just amazing how much they really gave away!!!
  14. The only part of the story I liked was vendetta kicking major ass. For obvious reasons 
  15. Lol its virtual currency. Just a number in a database. Thats why a refund etc wont hurt them but amazed they wont do it for goodwill. 2 trillion of nothing =nothing
  16. Amazing thread
  17. Umm they just gave away stuff people pay for!!! Amazing event! Applaud devs and B2B!
  18. I feel like I should have went with my idea.. At beginning of math I did same math as b2b and came up with clan hoping idea. Only 1 prob, I don't have enough time to do that all day due to school n sports n life. 2nd I don't have the means to get that many clans all working together