The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

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  1. Congratulations on being biggest fairies. No support
  2. I feel sorry for you clan :(
  3.  I can't stop laughing at yas. Katie got what? 650k feathers. And she quit/is quitting kaw. Lol totally worth it.
  4. A great effort for the top 100 spots, well done.

    And now for the reality, the stats of the equipment and the banners. How does it feel to feed the devs all that money, lose all that sleep, miss out on real life. All for just a few hunder M stats.

    Or was it the special feeling of being top 100 that had this show going.
  5. Aaaahahahahahaha this is some funny ****
  6. LMFAO!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Wow just read that. Impressive tactics.
  8. B2B ESCAPE
    ALL items
  9. Nice effort y'all did but man. I would be so ******* pissed if I were y'all 
  10. Well written. Thanks for sharing your tour de kaw 
  11. Sooo uh what's supers name?
  12. yeah. Now that banner has been upgraded. Yes its fairer now. Still need those spy stats to be 2.5% too. Unbalanced meant that the hansels got the short end still
  13. I only read this for the hamster.

    Very good read, and summarizes events pretty well.
  14. That sounds so fun thought trying to hit every single reck in misfits was challenging (only missed 1-3 recks a day of 16-17 hours) hidding my phone behide a book that we were reading, studding for an ap test, playing every rest in band, after every weight training set it's like the old saying it's not the end point it's the journey is they fun part (or something along those lines lol)
  15. Much Respect to the B2B Family. I was rolling with B2BMisfits for a minute through this event. Congrats to all and to all of the Tour De Kaw peeps
  16. o_O erm no.
    Not reading all that o_O
  17. Good job B2B family and for OP to share the insights on their quest for top 100
  18. hey. We are all in this together. There will always be new tactics. We did this because it worked. Hopefully for a new event( depending on how kaw improves their way of handling rewards stats) we can help others achieve their goals too