The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by PandaGeorge, May 9, 2014.

  1. Nice read panda and gratz to all of the other feather lb members. Those who were crying about botting and such are fools. I was able to make it into the top 100 pushing hard the last week and a half. Didnt lose much sleep was just super active, about 16-14hrs a day clan jumping doing nothing but rotwb. Went from about 40k to 381k in the last week and a half. Lost of work from not just myself but all involved in my tours rotation.
  2. Good job panda . Your cool
  3. Lmao.
    All this for the crappy equip the devs just handed out?

    Why devs, why. Sigh :(
  4. And look at your reward, laughable.
  5. i feel dupped -.-"
  6. Looks like it was worth it.Feel proud and enjoy.
  7. Amazing!

    Especially the Hamster
  8. Like a thief in the night..

    While impressive accomplishment seems you all been left with little else but a warm fuzzy feeling.
  9. So much for the crap devs gave u :D
  10. Everyone in b2b got trolled by secs :lol:

    Sorry guys
  11. that was touching
  12. That was… amazing, Panda.
    Truly a well written story. You guys are great.

    (You could get super banned for threatening to kill vendetta...)
  13. Nice reading.
    All this was it worth?
  14. Let's hold Pandagreg responsible for this wack ass equipment..

    I'm about to start taking hostages
  15. So i must ask super if this event equip stats was worth the farming he must be taking now?? 
  16. 
  17. Pmsl laughing at how bad the banners n equip are this is now the official face palm thread lol
  18. This whole clan lost sleep and $$ and gained nothing