The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

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  1. yes this is a classic example of much time on your hands
    I mean lets face it i was at yafi for first 6 weeks of this and didnt care i had about 1k after 6 weeks and just before they hiked the payouts i was on 29k i then made 61k in 5 daysto get banner n finished on 91k and still managed to retain my social life n it cost me 1 seal so personally i think my method was better and ienjoyed many nights of great sleep also.
  2. Great story. I applaud your efforts
  3. When I was at ULF we had 1 rotwb and I hte clan called ulfbetht (hte) and ulfberhts (rotwb), after a while we added another rotwb clan called ULFBERHTS revenge. After the bonus period god of destruction added a couple of more rotwb clans, but the leadership disagreed so it went back to 2 rotwb clans. That is when I left.
  4. After I left ulf a 3rd rotwb clan was added called, ulfberhts temple, when super came along the number of clans went up to 7 or 8 for a few days, but b2b could maintain up to 12 rotwb clans and at b2b there was never a shortage of horn droppers. I have so much respect for my fellow b2b clan members, tour guides, horn dropper, admins, leaders, STF.
  5. All I got from seeing that this post was so long is that you must live in your moms basement and have no life
  6. Lol.
    Super screwed them 3 times and they still didn't do anything out of... "Honour".

    Fo sho.
  7. Now we know who the real EB fairies are.
  8. Congrats on top 100s, tons of respect.
  9. You forgot ulfberhts blade, the masses, feather-hunting lodge (before katie left), and several others i've forgotten the names to by now.
  10. Finished reading the morning paper happy to help u guys in all of this long live the United Family:)
  11. Nicely made good job bro
  12. Super sounds like a nice guy. :lol:

    Kidding, awesome read ️
  13. great thread, and a great time too. I could not have made it with out assistance from the b2b clan. My opinions on b2b clans has evolved over this event. These clans offer a great way for players to collaborate, maximize their resources, and win. Thanks for everything guys!
  14. Would you mind posting another of your stories xD

    I really am hating KaW these days...
  15. Slow Wiserhood Clap! Well done! Rallygirl is my gf, I'll make sure she reads this thread. Great job!!!
  16. Really good read Panda. Did not expect that many clans doing this. Good job on getting lb 
  17. Freaking awesome post!!! and like rally girl you all helped me get to 80k from 50 k in a day and half thanks to b2b!! Woot woot!!
  18. Glad you all are enjoying it!

    How about that hamster, wasnt that just great?
  19. I laughed, and watched it for about 5 mins straight 
  20. supernatural gif was amazing lol
    moose pick was splendid too