The Epic Journey of B2B_united, the top 100 Event

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  1. You did all that and all you will get is 1 lvl higher eq. Hope it is worth it.Most ppl got to 90k without needing to alter their normal ebs or kaw usage
  2. Wow. Impressive. :)
    KaW really is life for B2B_United.
  3. LMAO I remember when you guys disbanded first united xD fastest unlocks id seen ever.
  4. Nice job United. And this show how so someone will misuse the trust when they wan to get top 1 =D
  5. haunting-NQ-Cotd-FoD in 8 hourish lol
  6. Route: hunting () satara () florin () donnosfists () mofh () romeo ()

    Who wants to horn?

    Great thread panda. Thanks to all those who helped get us to the top 100 and the banners we sought by opening doors, horning, etc.

    Many old friends joined for the event and it was great to meet some new ones too.
  7. Excellent thread panda brovo I couldn't stop laughing it was a he'll of a journey.

    Congratulations to All the TOP100
  8. Awsome story but wat its worth in real life.anyway good work by b2b n much respect.
  9. Really amazing thread panda. I had a amazing time.

    Thank you everyone at b2b United for support to get into top 100 was close️️

  10. Great thread wish I was In on that train lol only got 58k here congrats to you all
  11. Awesome story.

    Congrats on your rewards! Hope that it is worth all that time and money :)
  12. With all those horns, does someone sponsor you o_O
  13. So thats who was blowing up my newsfeed lollc. Good job guys and congrats.
  14. I saw colorful pictures that had words on it, so i like it.
  15. Where are all those posters that like to tell these kinds of players that they should have a life outside of law!?!? You are missing the PERFECT opportunity!!!!!!
  16. Sigh. I really hate my spell check. I have written soooo many posts that say "law" instead of "kaw".
  17. Very illustrative and a good telling, I enjoyed the read. Although it does serve to make your philanthropic seed of requesting the top 100 players receive the enhanced banner a bit more self-serving. Entertaining nonetheless.
  18. At the start of the event, they're gf's be like:
    "Nah baby gotta follow the tour leader"

    By the end:
  19. she told me two days ago, "you better make it up to me"
    "Two months of this is too much"

    "Babe, ask me anything"

    "I want to visit my family in rhode island and then go to disney with them"

    Guess who is going to rhode island then disney with her family?

    We leave on the 23rd and return the 30th

  20. lol ok.

    I could never handle spending that much time chasing feathers, but do what makes you happy bro.

    I want to go to Disney.