The Epic Battle (Tier 8)

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  1. Skorpios the Deathstalker

    Its been a grueling past few weeks, we've been following scout reports of there being something ominous lurking in the desert. My clan mates are restless; they haven't slept for the rumblings under the sand can be felt for miles out here in the endless dunes of the Damas Sea. I know that the immortal princess Arkosa's dune palace lies close to where we camp this night. Captain Brannyn and myself are on high alert as we continuously see glowing eyes on the outer rim of the campsite as the torches bend in the light breeze. But upon investigation they disappear; princess Arkosa's scouts no doubt, I think to myself as I drift slightly to sleep.
    The sun rises to awaken the clan and we proceed our journey. Not far in to our march, as suspected, princess Arkosa's palace lies ahead. The Damas inhabitants of her city, plagued by her tyrannical rule, cower in their huts as we make our way to the palace gates. Not much in the way of guards; infiltration was easy. We approach the throne room only to be met with a massive cobra guarding the door. Captain Brannyn heading the way through, charges with his Battle Fury cast and a quick flick of steel, he lobs off the head of the cobra as it rears back to strike. The head thuds to the throne room floor as the doors swing wide when the body of the cobra bursts through the door. Arkosa unmoved by the loss of her guardian for she had been expecting us; returns to her throne, just as scorpions burst through another entrance with a ground shattering rumble; we watch in utter horror as they take the form of a giant warrior..prepare yourself Skorpios the Deathstalker is here..

    While watching the transformation of Skorpios, Arkosa casts the throne room floor with dune spiders. The floor comes to life in a wave toward my clan mates and I. We make short work of them and with the final blows the spiders perish; their lifeless corpses litter the floor. Arkosa, sensing her inevitable defeat slinks to a shadowy wing of the throne room. The darkness begins to sway and move as the shadows begin to move over half the room. I see Arkosa at the heart of it; waving her broken Estoc Sword over the scorpions and they come to life; jutting their stingers the closer they get to my company. They stop and begin to shift in shape to bring this large warrior back together.
    "ARCHERS!!!" I cry out "VOLLEY!!!" as the arrows jut past our heads; a well placed arrow sinks deep in to Skorpios's armor. "Haaaa!!" I shout.
    Arkosa's monster has fallen; she slinks back in to the shadows to hide once more.

    As the Damascene Warrior lies in ruin on the throne floor, I see the mythic stolen tapestry that is draped over a table to the right of the throne. Legend has it that it holds the souls of the warriors that have met Skorpios Stingpoint; forever trapped within it. I glare at it as it begins to shimmer; I pass my hand over the length of it. It springs from my very hands and miraculously the figures on the tapestry come to life. Our victory over the Damascene Warrior has freed them; they form as an apparition bathed in blue light, they cheer and sigh with relief as they fade slowly away finally at peace.
    One of our clan thieves walks over to what's left of the Deathstalker and removes the amulet from his neck. Arkosa watched in horror as Skorpios dissipates in to nothing more than a shriveled scorpion form before turning in to a pile of sand inside his armor. Arkosa flees quickly unnoticed to the endless dunes of the desert, never to return again; relieving her kingdom to the Hoarfrost forces that have been sent to over throw her.
    Our day won and we set to leave, but not before the Hoarfrost forces seek to remind us that our Victory is short lived this day. I know deep down in the fiber of my very being that this will not be the last my clan brothers and sisters & I see the likes of them..

    The Epic Battle to be Continued...