The Epic Battle (Tier 7)

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  1. Moutos the Malevolent

    It is mid morn; busy as it ever is. I await word from Scout Master Gwyn; there has been worry among the lowland villages. No crops have been shipped from the fruit orchard farms that settle below the Vermeil Mountain range. No one has seen or heard from the peaceful farmers in ages. I ponder over the missives of shipments and see how they have decreased and then halted after months of regularity. Scout Master Gwyn approaches quickly;
    "Mi'Lord, the orchards are nothing but ash; and a Troll known as Morning Star has enslaved the farmers" she said in one shaky breath. " We must deploy immediately, without haste!"
    The King overhears as he enters the War Room, "Kill the blasted troll, find out what has raided and burned the orchards; Warlord, dispatch at once!"
    "Aye, Sire. Come Mi'Lady Gwyn, we will gather the clan and leave for the orchard valley!" I say hurriedly as we leave His Highness.
    The clan ready and waiting; I motion to make our way for the Vermeil Valley. We make our way in half a days march to a horrific sight indeed. The charred remnants of the once beautiful fruit trees is all that's left, I tear up slightly as it is not how i remember the last time I was here as a child. The bright green leaves and lush fruit is now nothing but ash, and the farmers roam aimlessly as in a trance. Then at the edge of the valley we see the Troll, all the rage I have in me, i lob his head off in swipe of my blade. The farmers come to instantly; rejoicing. One of the farmers run straight to me, " My Lord, it is Moutos the Malevolent that has fire blasted the orchard, he lies there in Vermeil Mountain!"
    Prepare yourself, we hunt dragon this day. We hunt..Moutos the Malevolent...

    The fiendish dragon known as Moutos, terrorized and torched the valley orchards in search of one thing only; the Golden Apple. My mind racing and the rage burning in my heart; I lead my clan brothers and sisters in search of the monster. With anger and destruction leading us in to the mountain terrain, a Wyvern has smelled our approach. Circling above us, the wyverns screeches rebound off the rock walls. "Archers!!" I yell as they pull back and release their arrows in to the wings of the wyvern. Its crippled stature scaled down the mountain side and scurries out of sight. My clan brothers and sisters & I move forward to a rickety bridge. The bridge and around it is littered with corpses of fallen dragonslayers from the neighboring kingdoms. Before we have a chance to cross the bridge; the wyvern screeches as the archers already at the ready pepper its chest with arrows. Its crippled mangled body falls to a squelching thud at the entrance to the cave, near a sellsword looking for courage to advance in to Moutos' cave. Sending my clan brothers and sisters one by one over the rickety bridge, mages cast a spell over the sellsword for him to fall in to a deep sleep, slumped over at the cave entrance wall.
    Upon entering Moutos' cave; sparkling gems, gleaming gold and priceless trinkets are nestled in the walls and along the floor. I approve the filling of their pockets along the way; "Fill your pockets deep, but be sure to keep an eye out for the Golden Apple." I say in a hushed tone.
    The sellsword awoke and earns an arrow to the chest as he raises his sword at my back. On his final gasp, out of the shadows a deranged theif lunges with a dagger; I look at her pitifully as she rushes toward me. I spin her as i grab her wrist of the hand holding the dagger and use it to plunge it deep in her gut; giving her a clean death. I lay her to the floor.
    A dragonslayer that had been following us known as Damascus the Proud and his Squire approach, seeing what has happened decides to challenge for the treasure. The Warchief spills their entrails to the cave floor for the trouble; the smell of their innards brings Moutos to attention and we watch as his sinister shadow advance slowly across the caves stonewalls..

    With his wings spread, Moutos emerges from his murky den, with whorls of smoke twisting from his nostrils. Sighting the fallen apple, he lashes out with his tail, encircling the fruit in his coils. Moutos uses his golden scaled tail to keep a grip on the apple; My clan brothers and sisters & I rebound our Battle Cry off the stone walls of the cave. I cast for angels of light on his golden tail as it is hacked from his body. The dragon lord screeches in anguished fury as the precious apple tumbles free from his grasp. I summon darkness for his sight all the while
    watching for Moutos' serrated teeth as he chomps at the darkness looking for flesh. I slash at his toxic tongue; as he rears back with a deep breath through his nostrils. Having our Vermeil breastplate to withstand Moutos' cyanic fire. His fiery breath is smothered, permanently.
    We cast holy wrath and seal of divinity on the wind tunnel and the violent winds he creates with his wings as he lunges up to escape our wrath. With his wings entangled, Moutos the Malevolent hurtles in to the mountain bluffs, and meets his own violent end; broken and limp as he plunges down the sharp rock to the bottom of the deep of the mountain. Moutos' the Malevolent is no more.
    My clan mates and I make our way back to the orchard valley; where a celebration rings out in our honor. News traveled fast that Moutos has been diminished; the villagers finally free of the Gilded Lord. We drink and are merry before our return home. I watch as the celebration runs deep in to the night; admiring my clan family I could not be more honored than I am to be the one to lead them and be apart of them, I think as I smile to myself.

    The Epic Battle to be Continued...
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