The Epic Battle (Tier 5)

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  1. Apheriun of Exile

    It is twilight and the full moon is beautiful this night, but tis not the only glow I see. Off the horizon of the Great Lonely Sea, a green and white pulsating light brightens in the distance. I gaze through the telescope on the balcony only to see ghostly apparitions circling above a floating spectral kingdom. I stumble back a moment as I see one of the apparitions stop and stare my way with a toothy grin that shall haunt my very nightmares.. "It can not be, it can not!" I whispered softly, my hand clasped over my mouth in quick effort to stifle my gasp. Prepare yourself..Apheriun of Exile has arisen..

    My head swimming most of the night, I made my way to the Kings chamber wing. He must know what I have seen this night.
    "M-my Lord Sire, something most terrible stirs in the southwest on the horizon of the Lonely Sea. An ethereal kingdom spawning apparitions that have turned the night terrors to reality." I stammered.
    The King was already awakened by his own hellish nightmare, did not seem surprised to see me. "Do what you need to do Warlord, rid us of this hell on our realm." the King said harshly.
    Set out right away, my clan brothers and sisters were restless on the journey half abroad. As we approach the floating fortress, we hear a high pitched scream that seemed to come from within our own heads.
    As more ghostly apparitions fly out of what feels like no where, I use Seal of Deflection and the seal on the kingdom breaks; a gateway opens to bind the nether realm and ours together. We enter awaiting what is befallen us,
    "Gather your wits clan, we will show this ethereal realm that we are to rid them of our plane once and for all!" I bellow
    "Aye Warlord, we are ready!" my clanmates chime as they stand tall with strength among them.
    As we venture passed the entrance to the Nether plane I wonder what unknowns lie ahead. Then before our very eyes a black and green mist gives way to Apheriun himself. It is not but for a second with his sickening cackle reverberates through our ears and he disappears to the rear..ready to command the armies of the Nether

    Sounding off our Battle Cry, our Abyssal Blade knows no bounds, seaming through each foe Apheriun sends forth from his being. Weakened by this, Apheriun gathers his strength to mock our short lived victory. With the very last of his strength Apheriun makes a final attempt to stop our reason to be here on this plane. No longer able to recast the seals Apheriun stands before my clan mates and I in the mortal form. Apheriun withdraws into the depths of his kingdom. The scouts track his steps to an ancient gated structure.
    Try our damnedest in line with him, I have managed to socket the relics in the correct arrangement. A feeling of dread fills the air as I push open the gates. My brethren and I follow the path of a dense forest. The sense of dread grows overwhelming. Apheriun awaits..
    Chanting an unholy incantation. From deep below, a long forgotten Evil stirs. Dread fills my heart, as the scent of death fills the air.
    Feeding on the evil below, blackened leaves grow from the limbs of the ancient forest trees. As beautiful as they are terrifying.
    With the completion of the ceremony the haze returns, as the trees once again come to life. The dark limbs sway and scratch at us as we hack at each one; on the verge of awakening, my clan mates and I defeat this Evil with the Locust Swarm. Holy Wrath and Angels of Light causes the presence to dissipate. All the while with Apheriun pouring the last of his life force in to the trees and the evil below Apheriun is exiled once again from the mortal realm. We watch as the Nether Isle vanishes around us only to reveal the sunrise of daybreak and the flowers and trees of green are as they were once again. Planting our battle flag, I look over the heads of my merry brothers and sisters; I stare off the horizon thanking the Gods for another Victorious battle..

    The Epic Battle to be Continued...
  2. Beautiful! Mrs Beefy would be a great asset for ATA. Infact Mr and Mrs Beefy would enrich the ATA team and rejuvinate kaw with their creativity and ideas :).
  3. Aww thank you Roni! I've missed your face! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :*
  4. Wow well done it would be so cool if ata would add this stuff to the ebs would seem more like being involved in the battle....
  5. I include some of the eb lines in to the story. But I twist it to make my own and to make it longer. Credit has and will always be to the apes for their amazing mini stories in the ebs! I'm glad you liked it and thank you! :)
  6. Thank you my friend.
  7. Couple of days late but tier 6 coming today..stay tuned! :)