The Epic Battle (Tier 4)

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  1. Thorak the Destroyer

    Distant rumblings have been felt for a fortnite. The king and kingdom alike have become increasingly more anxious. Traveling merchants have brought word in to the village; our neighboring kingdom near the Sol Mountains has been reduced to rubble. Nothing stands tall like it was the months before; only crumbled buildings and no one roaming the wreckage.
    Scouts were sent out to investigate; "Nothing left Warlord, only rubble and wood scatter the area. The metal has been stripped from everything." reported Scout Master Gwyn as she walks in to the War Room.
    "Have you recovered any clues to the villagers whereabouts or have seen any traces of what may have caused this destruction?" I asked in alarm.
    "We scouted the forest path near the villages; seems a stone golem was making his home on the outer clearing. The foul thing was reduced to rubble and we recovered these sacred stone tablets Mi'Lord." Scout Master Gwyn replied as she lays the glowing tablets on the War table.
    "You've done well, Lady Gwyn. Rest tonight for we will set out in the morn after I update His Highness." I said warmly.
    The missive recorded and given to the King; I have the go ahead to set out on the morrow; to do anything in our power to find the lost villagers and bring an end to this madness that's befallen our kingdoms...Prepare yourself Thorak the Destroyer has come..

    Midday is upon us already since we've set out this day; the impassable Sol mountains lie ahead. We join Scout Master Gwyn's company; for what lies before us can not be done by mere soldiers alone. She carries the sacred stone tablets; according to the Oracle can see what may lie past these mountains. She raises the tablets as we approach the valley below the mountain range; they glow brighter with a shimmer of the mountain side like looking in to a mirror; the tablets show a passage through the mountain. We make our way through the hidden mountain cavern as it opens up in to path through the mountain itself. I look up as my clanmates and I make our way cautiously ahead; seeing that the mountain raises high on both sides. Then, with a low rumble the mountain sides move and shift to put us on alert; I cast runes of detection, revealing the shield spell used to cloaked the Iron Titans blending to surround us.
    My clanmates and I rush forward with the attack as they pull away from the mountain only for the Titans to crumble with every thrust of our blades. With the last of them defeated; the pathway opens up to reveal our way to the inner circle of the Sol Mountain range

    As we venture deeper into the mountains pass, sensing the demise of the Iron Titans a new rocky foe breaks away from the mountain side. Enraged and frenzied the golem horde pauses their assault, the rubble of their defeated brethren beginning to mount. Knocking the second wave back causes their exteriors to shed and crumble, they break away to reveal rubies gleaming beneath; the ruby titans join the golem horde. We have stood our ground against the onslaught but not before more of the titans break apart to reveal diamond encrusted rock; the last of the horde falls a new day breaks above the mountain top. Deep in the distance, a monstrous rumbling erupts shaking the very foundations of the mountains. We snag the gemstones of the fallen and continue on..

    The inner circle of the Sol Mountains, it is Thorak the Destroyer and he has awakened. An intense heat begins to emanate from its towering figure as if he has been here waiting for us for ages. I sound off our mighty Battle Cry, the assassins fight off the summoned golems, while my clan brothers and sisters & I rush the assault on what has the look of a walking mountain. Thoraks rocky exterior crumbles off revealing a hard metallic body. His molten core churns with a blistering heat that we have no choice but to brace against with our elven shield. With our composure restored, Thorak moves forward with heat rushing from his smoldering form ready to defend our final assault; summoning golems and their Iron Titans from the rocky mountain halls. We down our ready made Elixir of Rage, cast our Battle Fury; ready to bring down the mountain at last. Pushing him back in waves, hacking away at his mountainous figure; we eradicate the heat from within by our elven shields. Thorak collapses, his life extinguished, his molten core cools to a deadened gray. I climb atop the downed rubble and yell for it to reverberate off the mountain halls, "WE, MY BROTHERS & SISTERS, STAND VICTORIOUS!!" I bow before them, for on this day they are the true heroes and have fought a long and tireless battle!

    The Epic Battle to be Continued...
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