The Epic Battle (Tier 3)

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  1. Usaris the Troll King

    It is nearly morn, I sit in council with His Majesty & Commander Brannyn. Report missives from Scout Captain Gwyn; have poured in that Usaris's minions have been seen throughout the kingdom hillvalley.
    "His Highness has requested a small force be armed and at the ready, we must rid them before they venture to the Kingdom gates." urged Commander Brannyn.
    As His Highness sits stone faced with worry; "I will lead the Clan, we will defeat these so called minions and drive them back from whence they came!" I said aloud. " You need not worry Sire, failure nor forfeit is not in my vocabulary!" I stand and with a hardened grin I equip my helm and march at the head towards the Kingdom borders. Prepare yourself..Usaris is battle ready and hungry..

    We found the minions, the look of small gargoyles they were; screeched then charged and were slain. The small encampment they held in the valley I'm most sure was not all of them. I pressed the clan forward to the West, "There Warlord, at the horizon, more of them fleeing to the mountains!" shouted one of the Armsmasters. "We are less than a half a days march behind them," I shout for all to hear, "Let us rid them here and now!" We set a hard & fast pace after the Troll minions; as we approached the last we saw of them, they slowed at the cavern to the mountains.
    They came pouring out of the entrance in what seemed like an endless wave, they had regrouped and were better armed.
    "Cut them down, don't stop clannies until every last one of these ghastly beasts are finished!" I yell over the clanging of steel. Covered in the blood of the minions the smell of iron and something unrecognizable was stomach churning; we heard the monstrous roars echo from deep within the cavern!

    Scout Captain Gwyn returns from within the cavern, "Usaris's hideout lies within Mi'Lord, but there's a fowl stench at the entrance Sir, there's something amiss!" she says with a perplexed expression.
    "Lets move!" I shout to my Clan, "Thank you Gwyn we have it from here, let His Highness know of our progress and report forThe Troll King has initiated war this day, we will oblige him!"
    As Scout Captain Gwyn rides hard toward the kingdom, we make our way towards the entrance to Usaris's cavern; a large female Troll bursts from the entrance crumbling half the entranceway as she charges forward. Two large male Trolls follow behind her battle hardened and armed in sheet metal steel battle armor to defend the entrance to the cavern.
    "FORWARD!!" I shout and the Battle Cry rings through the valley. We rush the trolls only to find their weakened areas are the exposure of their neck. Perfect, slashing at the stumps of their legs the trolls drop to their knees. I slice at the neck of the female for her to slump to the ground with a sickening gurgle. Seeing and following suit, the archers at the edges of our battlefield dispel a volley to the necks of the two remaining Trolls; right as the males reared back their heads to cry out as they watched me slay the female. The arrows find their mark, and the males fall forward with a loud thud to the ground.

    Now to Usaris the Troll King, we funnel in to the cavern as we hear his ear piercing roar from deep within the cave! Usaris awaits battle ready at the back of the cavern, he draws his magical mace. My clan brothers and sisters hack at the stump of his legs as I slice at the wrist of Usaris's hand holding the mace; the mace drops to the ground and shatters. Angered by our assault he casts a Sol spell on the mace and it is made whole again before our very eyes! I look around at my clan mates dismay as he lets out another roar. I initiate another Battle Cry and invoke the Oracle to bless our health crystals; replenished and my battle fury engaged. I let out a deep roar of my own and charge him with my fellow clanmates right behind me. As my brothers and sisters cut one arm, I climb the other that swung the magical mace and made the race up to his head to thrust the tip of my Abyssal under his chin; I jump off and watch him fall in a heap on his back as his head bursts open on the ground. "Usaris the Troll King is no more. My dear clan family we are VICTORIOUS!!" I bellow as cheers rang out. Tired and worn we charge home to brief the King and celebrate our Victory on another glorious day..

    The Epic Battle To Be Continued...
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