The Epic Battle (Tier 2)

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  1. Z'uthmerak of Despair

    Our long journey at sea has begun. The King dispatched only the finest of our Armada this day. I sit in the captains cabin of our boundless flag ship going over and over the latest reports. Rumors came in droves from the sailors to the villagers only weeks earlier of how the last scouts that were sent have disappeared with no trace of their whereabouts. The villagers are startled, fearing that something darker is at work. It has begun for Z'uthmerak has awoken..

    We are out in the middle of the Myri Sea and an eerie calm has settled over the water. I feel it in my gut as i look at my fellow clanmates; that something is not right out here. Out of nowhere harsh waves bubble up from the bottom of the ocean. As the ships rock horribly from side to side, the deck is sprayed; the soldiers leaning over the rail are thrown back by the force of water as huge tentacles burst from below the ship. I gape in disbelief of the shear size and vast amount of tentacles writhing in the air threatening to dismantle a ship should they slam down on top of one of them. I know something more sinister lies deep below the surface. I can hear screams ring out across the water; I shout "Man, your stations! We make our way to the kingdom to warn the King! Go!" We race back to the kingdom on the waves this monster created..

    Its too late the beast has beat us to the coastal kingdoms. Exploding through the water in wall of spray the tentacles shoot up to blast the kingdom walls. We reach the harbor in time to be ordered by the Kings guard to man the village and Castle walls. Dust from the ruins it created as we make our way in has concealed just in all reality how many tentacles this monstrosity has. We stop short as one smashes the ground in front of our unit; lashing tentacles swiping at any that move! As we hack and slice at the fore of its tentacle; my Abyssal lands the final blow to sever it off and i watch the wretched piece fly thru the air as its gray steaming foretentacle lands in the crushed ruins of the marketplace! The piercing screech of the beast radiates through the village as it sinks back to the depths it emerged from..

    As a small of relief washes over our unit; the Kings steward approaches, "Your majesty requests your presence." My clanmates and I meet with his highness "I charge you and your brave clanmates to do away with this beast that threatens my coastal villages, Go and I will reward you greatly on your return!" demanded the King
    We set sail again for the deep of Myri Sea; as we approach Z'uthremak the Despair wounded, explodes from the depths but he is not alone..It appears he has enslaved the legendary Myrmidons who in the old times guided land dwellers home in stormy seas; have entered the fray to fight for him! We fight them from the rails of our ships as they try to climb aboard. Some that stayed behind to watched their kin battle from the water have shaken off the ensnarement the monster held on them; turning against the Z'uthmerak to fight by our side with a common score to settle thankful to be free!
    As Z'uthmerak regrows his limbs the Myrmidons plan to open a path while our forces attack the beasts monstrous head; The Reckoning has begun..Angered Z'uthmerak summoned all its might raising an entire sea of massive tentacles to confront our allied assault, the Myrmidons join in to head the final rush to slice him away..our killing blows have struck.

    The dismembered masses of Z'uthmerak litter the sea; the threat has been neutralized. My clan brothers and sisters & I are hailed as saviors of the land for our Victory as we returned home. The King has heralded the Myrmidons allies of our fair Kingdom. Then from the distance we hear the thunderous roars of the mountain caves of the west; our celebration will be short lived this day..

    The Epic Battle will continue..
  2. 50 shades of EBs
  3. Support
  4. Road down the memory lane when first started as a noob , gave much attention to the eb stories. Now we all gloss over the eb ......
  5. I really love this it reminds me of when I first started and creates a fun narrative to the fights
  6. Thank you all for reading Tier 3 coming soon..stay tuned :lol:
  7. Thank you, I appreciate that! :)