The Epic Battle (Tier 1)

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  1. credit to apes for my inspiration

    Calydor the Depraved

    In the beginning the Lowlands and Highlands were wrought with wild dangers and old world monsters. Things that lived and thrived here or killed to survive, even through the Ages. There are old stories written of these beasts in the hallowed books of our fair Kingdom. The Elders would tell the young ones about these beasts at our festival gatherings. This is no story I share, for now as a grown woman, I fight along side my clan brothers and sisters on my way to my first Epic Battle. Prepare yourself, Calydor the Depraved has heard our Battle Cry..

    The Boar Army patrols the Southern Lowland Mountain range. There has been increased activity in the beasts in the forest below the Lowland Mountain. The kingdom scouts have returned late and weary from the mountain. The mountain has awoken and the beasts have grown in strength and quantity. Intelligence gathered tells us they keep careful watch at the gate and regularly patrol the area. Reports are they are hoarding stores of gold and jewels in the catacomb chambers; as they have brought back only mere trinkets they have stolen. Scouts believe greater treasures await in the Central Chamber.

    Scouts have helped us navigate the terrain as we make our way to the mountain kingdom gate. There, I see the gate as we slowly approach from the shadows. My clan mates and I invoke our Battle Cry; I felt my strength enrage as we storm the kingdom gate before the beasts can charge. We battle our way through the lines of defense that block the path to front gate. The writhing and snarling of the stinking beasts dropping at every swing of our swords for the mighty Abyssal Blade knows no bounds. The stench of the beasts blood wavers in the air as we breach the kingdom gate and make our way in to the kingdom. Our spies have stolen the keys from the guard house, and meet us at the Keep where the remaining chamber keys are kept. After raiding the keep for the keys and some loot, we now make our way to the inner chamber.

    The locked door to the inner chamber is glowing. The closer we approach we can smell the hot breath of what we had feared to be on the other side of that door. The doors swing open wide with a loud crack against the chamber wall as we stormed our way in. I stopped short and stood frozen for a moment as our worst imagining had not prepared us for what is now almost towering over us. Calydor the Depraved snorted and stood at attention as we charged at him. My clanmates and I attacked from all sides, we hacked at him, every part of him; tusks, horns, hide, hooves and eyes were decimated. We moved back as we watched Calydor drop mortally wounded and defeated to the ground so as to not crush us under his fallen carcass. This Epic Battle, one of the first of many; was finally over. Calydor the Depraved was no more. We plundered the loot from our first fallen enemy and made our way back to the King to assure him Calydor had fallen and to relish in our Victory!

    The Epic Battle to be continued..
  2. Pig Ebs were terrible I use to have clans full of alts running all those stupid Ebs they paid crap
  3. Wow thank y'all!! I'm glad you enjoyed it, it's going to be a wkly thing and I'm going to do each tier :lol:
  4. Weekly? Not soon enough theres alot of eb i need more :|
  5. Ill take what i can get :(
  6. Lol well I'm glad you like it! More to'll be worth the wait :)
  7. New one coming Tues be ready!! :lol:
  8. NB for tier 2 story..lemme know if it's not allowed I won't do it again. I'm still fuzzy on the necrobumping thing and what it's applied to..thanks for reading! ;)
  10. Thank you for reading! Tier 2 is up if you see a few post down! Tell me what ya think!! :)
  11. Calydor the Depraved* ;)
  12. Fixed :lol:
  13. What is this ?
  14. I think it's fanfic
  15. Yes it is, that's the label I posted it under! I have part 2 there as well! :)
  16. Awesome. Keep writing more. Used to enjoy the storyline of ebs till devs stopped adding more ebs!!!
  17. Thank you! Keep reading I'll keep writing! ;)