The End.

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  1. Float like a dog. Sting like a spragga.
  2. Did someone say my name?
  3. no. go away.
  4. End times are here, time to sell everything we own and buy a ticket to Mars
  5. Sweet unholy matron of death, run. Run now, before it slays us all.
  6. Rusted is so lucky to have spragga on his thread! Too bad I already have him on my wall...
  7. Too bad I'm his owner...
  8. Anyway, on topic, stop being sad little noobs only looking at what ata hasn't done this year and look at what they have done
  9. Which is?

    Money sucking events and....nvm that sums it up
  10. Abyss lands/upgrades
    Better pvp events
    Several lag fixes
    Season 5
    Bfe added to payment when hitting
    Regular eb gold increase
    Free xtals in EE (certain%)

    Want me to continue

  11. Awwl you're to poor to compete monetary wise with 9 year olds... Suck it up
  12. W ios 8.4 my lag is worse than ever.
    S5 isnt out yet
    Land ugs r for top lb only
    Pvp still pays nothing compared to eb
    New ebs for lb only

    Want me to continue

  13. That's your bad phones fault
    It may not but it's in place and will be soon
    Are you that stupid, I'm not even a mid and I'm using those upgrades
    Maybe you only hit small players, perhaps too afraid to fight someone your size???
    Oh wow I didn't even mention the new ebs but again, I'm not even a mid and I can hit the new ebs
  14. Come on man, I like crackdown, you're making them look bad
  15. Funny, most of the things you mentioned above are what people are complaining about. For example the hit range for PvP is too wide and I am sure you know why people would hate that, also the abyss land is only for lb as said above and is also getting some hate... The devs have not come to conclusion about S5 wars and both of the ideas proposed have not been taken well... Now back to the topic. Spragga is here and you are talking about this??
  16. Land and upgrade are what is killing the game.
    The PVP events suck for mid builds, the new lands only made it worse.
    Lag fixes should be expected
    The have only made two thread about S5
    BFE and BFA being added into payment didn't really effect much in Pvp
    Regular gold increase in EBs degrades the ally market and makes strip wars less valued.
    Free Xstals in EE is decent I guess.

    So, what other than their endless attempts at fixing EE (which is a player problem not a Dev one) they have only messed this game up.

    Hell the new lands have made match up worse in ee.

    So yeah. It is the end of days.
  17. I don't really know who crackdown is, but I'm not sure how much a clan would care if you think one of their members is making them look bad. :lol:
  18. We all saw it coming.
  19. Yall ruined this puppy dog thread.
  20. This is the end. My only friend, the end.