The End.

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  1. It is the end of KAW.

    ATA recently got a company dog for moral support and I feel they need that pup now more than ever.

    Nothing can save this game and all of the signs have been pointing to the end times of KAW.

    Endless builds.
    Tarnished and over priced allies.
    Endless OSW's actually I like that part.
    Money draining events.
    EE is, well, EE.

    The developers have even turned their back on their previous moderator, Titan_God, and hung him out to dry then cut him down and threw him under the bus!

    We all seen this coming.
    Hell we even made pictures so the apes could identify with the pretty colors.

    We all tried to prevent another FC and GAW tragedy.

    But we are too late. We have no more time.

    The evidence is this...

    Behold, the second coming of Spragga!
    Hide yo allies
    Hide yo builds
    Hide yo kids
    Sacrifice yo wife!
    The end is Nigh!
  2. A pup for moral uplifting?

    Ill give him a piece of my mind 

  3. Well Jesus Christ boys look, it's a goddamn spraggasquantch
  4. This is old news everyone can see the decline of kaw it's clear for all to see.
  5. KaW made the most before EBs, before BS events, before the show.

    There doesn't need to be the show. The show was the friends you made and the climb it took to get to the top and how you had to interact with others to get there as well.

    I know this post is a joke about Spragga, but I genuinely believe if ATA restarted KaW as another app the original way it was made, they would get back to top 10 grossing, because that's what made players stay.

    A simple game that was based on making friends and hitting others to build you and your friends up.
  6. Thread was more about someone getting the spragga name and poking fun at it. But carry on the debate about the real issues...
  7. Not really anything to debate, it's the developers game and their decisions, but the proof is in the money.

    KaW was the top of its game when the game was simple and community based.
  8. Ain't nobody got time for that!
  9. Support bubbles
  10. Kittens are so much better.
  11. All accounts of that player should be banned. It's blasphemy.
  12. Ok so everyone needs to stop saying "Its the developers game they do what they want."

    1) This game became how it is today because of the developers connection with the kawmmnuity and their consistent interaction
    2) What would ATA have without us? Absolutely nothing. Without kaw they wouldn't even have their other games of some success and some failures
    3) Why is it so difficult to wrap everyone's mind on the idea that kaw may be failing? How many other games of theirs have failed and closed down just in the past year?

    Good day.

    *Cough cough* perfect drift was an embarrassment *cough*
  13. Whats that got to do with puppies?
  14. Kingdoms at war has always been ATA's Crown Jewel. It's my firm belief, that it will never shut down - but at worst, become stagnate without updates from the dev team, similarly to how Meego is now. But, that's not the case now is it! :p

    The progression gap is based on time spent on kaw persuing growth and how much you've spent in RL cash.

    Reality is, there will ALWAYS be a gap. Devs can only shorten it however. Devs have given 50% bonus to all ebs to shorten it. Is it good enough? I don't think so. But is it a start? Obviously, yes.

    I've said it again and again, there needs to be more F2P consumables handed out during playing. Like it or not, these noob PVE events are the only channel where we get these free consumables.

    My complaint overall is lack of ambitious innovation to the game. Core features should get revamped. Clans etc. That's the REAL content - still one step at a time.

    Change doesn't happen overnight, it takes time.
  15. I once saw Kaw at the top 50 or so in the top grossing section of games in the App Store earlier this year. Can anyone help me find it again can see it anywhere. Wait it must be spragga!!! He must have done it!

    Anyways for real if anyone find a similar um to this please pm 
  16. I oddly expected pictures.

    If you know what I mean.
  17. What is life

  18. I know what you mean. ;)