The End of the Ice Moth Hunt

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Since when has kaw been fair? Lol.
  2. Correct Darksoul, thank you for someone pointing that out. You only got the 1K moths if you logged in during the promo and after they hit 5K likes so clearly Cherry isn't completely inactive.

    ....mostly inactive yes, but not completely. haha. Who cares anyway, the chances you were gonna be the lucky one is so slim it's pointless. Someone other than you got it. Whether that person is active, inactive, a jerk, a nice guy, huge, small, etc, just doesn't matter. Stop whining.

    If you're gonna whine, do it about something how annoying it was that they made NML drop better than everything for almost the entire promo. That's something to be annoyed about.
  3. Yeahhh...

    I don't really care...

    Why would I be active in forums to post under your rules? Exactly.
  4. Didn't say to remove though did I? I as a player would have appreciated to see it go to someone who worked for the months. A person who got lets say got 10-15k moths should be qualified. I only got 4k and am not complaining, i just find it unfair to those who actually tried to get moths

  5. Lol kaw_community. Mind as well lock this thread. Only people will comment are the ones complaining on an inactive
  6. Btw Kaw_community...the lucky winner deserve one more prize. A nice silence :))
  7. 5 more minutes and I'd have gotten the next level :'(
  8. devs how many more time u take 2 distribute the reward
  9. Clowns are scary
  10. Only got 2424 ice moths i'm going to pin these noobs even harder since its their fault i didn't get to level 3!
  11. Hahahahaha, I already haunt you Owwenn, don't scare off any of my other new friends.

    Love you mate!! Hope you made lots of moths
  12. We finished an eb 2 minutes pass can you cut us a little slack one person was 26 away from there goal I spent $20 bucks on 3 HTE to help those players out who were so close would yall plz mind & take a look
  13. As mentioned, we're starting to get the rewards distributed. It's likely going to take at least a few hours if not more. There were so many participants and we can only distribute the rewards so fast.

  14. Is there someone currently that has the EQ equipped so we may look at them?
  15. Will the rewards be here before war 8?
  16. Kaw can you come to wc more often
  17. kaw_admin

    We started a HTE about 2 hours ago; will it drop moths?
  18. Hope everyone gets their prizes 
  19. I don't believe just yet, but here's what the Sling will look like!

  20. Is that... an ... egg?