The End of the Ice Moth Hunt

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Ty kaw! I just 100 inferno on constantly resetting equip, which technically isnt even worth on enchanting (poor stats). Pure waste of inferno... Like seriously 100 inferno for not getting it above lvl 4 even once? Next time ill use that inferno to lite a cigar, way more use of it! Not happy customer!
  2. You don't need inferno for anything else. So don't complain.
  3. Thank you Devs for the promo overall I thought it was great. I wont be enchanting the Rime Moth because the stats are poorly placed but the IceTail is very nice. Having a month to collect ice moths and getting a free 1,000 was awesome. I'm looking foreword to the next event. Only thing I'd change is the hints to better drops… next time just tell us which eb has been increased :)
  4. I had 13390 yet never recieved sod
  5. Thanks for the event devs, was fun overall :)
  6. What will someone with 89 moths get??? My nephew plays and wants to know.
  7. I've taken more then 200 aqua and many more then 200 inferno and coudn't get level 10 rime moth"No chance" not really makes me happy Some fail maybe OK. But only fail is not OK
  8. Devs should have been more clear on the ending of the promo. With any 3x gold/item drop it still payed out that amount after the deadline. It should have happened with this event. Or at least make it clear that If you don't finish by the dead line. No matter if you started before the deadline and finished after. Then you won't get and drops.
    This should have been clear
    Many of our clan mates were under 100short on next lvl
  9. I know to email them lol
  10. Thx for Rewards devs.. Icetail is Good but Rime Moth should be better.. not complaining just sharing my point of view.. & thx for that facebook promo.. it helped much.. good job.. keep it up devs & kaw_admin.
  11. I don't have any EQ
  12. @kaw_community.
    Can u pls let the equip fail less, its making me crazy 
  13. Thanks Devs! The Ice Moth hunt was fun! I just had a thought I wanted to share, as the moths are being 'transformed' into equip how about opening a moth shop rather than having awards drop, i.e. I could go cash in my moths for 2-3 lower rewards and the shop would only be open for so many days... just thinking it would be cool, u guys wouldnt have to sort drops and I could have bought a few extra inferno... Speaking of, it would be so epic if there was some way to turn off fails on enchants, even if it was crazy expensive and only lasted 2 minutes... Thats my 2 cents 
  14. I didn't get any thing
  15. One more eb..... One more stinking eb..... i missed the 6k mark on my alt by 20 moths... other than that, nice rewards. I had fun collecting. Congrats to everyone!
  16. I have just done exactly as u wanted and wasted all my inferno and aqua on the pathetic equipment you gave out 150 Each and it's level 5 still lol
  17. Thanks for the promo! :)
  18. Worst promotion uz done so far. Equip was very poor. Only noobs without equip would use it if they got nothing for the slot.
    Hope next 1 is worth the time we put into kaw.