The End of the Ice Moth Hunt

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  1. Lmao. That means the club with a moth on it is the off hand
  2. Here's a funny gif to keep u guys occupied

  3. Does anyone have the dagger and shield? I want to see their stats!
  4. It sucks how people did nml for a month straight for this horrible equip:lol:
  5. Really Larry, ur complaining for getting free stuff???
  6. Lol the stats are pretty much crap
  7. Lol.. the special winner for having 1k moth randomed... Is an inactive account that got the 1k free moths XD
  8. Devs,
    How about dev you address the complaints about you bringing the finish of a one month event fwd with 1 days notice? Page 50 of your original event thread.

    You introduced a new rule to cut off drops at an exact time rather than allow active ebs to finish and get the drops they earned. This disadvantages players and is unlike previous events.

    Devs ended this earlier than their original post advised "through january 14th" disadvantagig those chasing the next level relevant to them...and you did it with insufficient notice. You have not answered the challenge?

    Any player that invested real life money chasing the next level that just missed out deserves their money back due to you changing the rules without adequate notice for players to manage their spend decisions.

    Your continued silence is dissappointing.
  9. Who else agrees that all complainers should be strip farmed and have their moths stolen away?
  10. thought it ended the 19th lol oh well saved me some cash for another game where my rewards
  11. If you want to see equity look at the owner of -lust-
  12. @md you do realize there are more time zones than just yours ? There are six in the US alone, 24 globally. So what marks the end of the day for you may be the beginning of the next day for someone else. ATA doesn't cater to your time zone alone.

    And by the way, did the items that money was spent on "for this event" also expire with it? If not, it's not money "wasted" is it ?
  13. By god, there are more than one timezone! 
  14. Everyone but me has received prizes i want them so bad
  15. There's actually more than 24 time zones. More like 30 time zones
  16. Kingdom we're in the same boat
    Without a paddle
    And one of is a twisted psychopath
  17. @Devil Tell it to Google .....that's where I got the number. 