The End of the Great Quetzal Hunt

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Thanks for the great event devs 
  2. Thank you devs for was a good run for sure..its always a pleasure lol :D
  3. That's a lot of feathers lol.I hit 50k just
  4. So what do we do with unused skulls?
  5. Will ebs currently under way drop feathers still. Have a tree running and 2 people less than 300 away from next tier.
  6. Would have been better if I defeated countless enemies in pvp..... hint hint devs
  7. Ty devs for yet another successful hunting event, i appreciate all the time and effort put into it, i just want to say...Thank You!

  8. Devs please take 5k feathers from everyone.

    That way people will stop begging for more feathers and learn to work for what they got.

  9. Good event, I'm gonna be completely honest, hated it at the start because of how long it was gonna be but then it wasn't that bad. Thanks Devs and I got my fingers crossed to be that lucky winner *crosses fingers* ️
  10. Great event devs, there were lots of improvements you guys have made from other events, it was a lot of fun. Good luck everyone for the lucky winner
  11. Solid event. I look forward to the spoils.
  12. What about unused skulls??
  13. This is way better than the moth hunt.
  14. You should give the lucky winner who got closest to 50,000 feathers without going over that amount
  15. Something tells me drivewayshoveler has 49999 feathers
  16. Ok kaw_comunity how far down the line are u like what tire 1 or like 4
  17. I stood up all night for dayyyys i drank monters n im sleep deprived lol
  18. Thank you devs for this event :D I enjoyed it and cant wait for the next one. Just next time keep it shorter, maybe 2 weeks long or so but deffinately hit my goal
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.