The End of the Great Quetzal Hunt

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, May 7, 2014.

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  1. The stats are shocking but they look quite cool so imma keep them on lol.
  2. Kaw community shortly ran out fukkin hours ago man
  3. Devs, when you make changes to equip stats. Please reset the rewarded equip back to the state (enchantment lvl) that we received them in! And refund inferno that failed. That would be the least you could do for how my set backs and delays have been in this event
  4. Making any changes to stats requires us to look into game balance and the number of players with the items in game. There's a lot to consider but we're working on it.
  5. Anyone tried enchanting from lvl 10 to lvl 11?
  6. The banner stats are a joke to Devs ??!!!
  7. When do we get an equipment update. I wasted a ton of aqau getting my boots to level 11 and they still SUCK!!!! I WANT MY AQUA BACK 
  8. KaW Community. Sry but that's garbage. It's as simple as you lied to the consumers of this game. The 90K banner is equal to a lv 1 banner. You lied to make money. It's that simple.
  9. Check balance and the numbers of players?? So your saying if many people have the quetzal boots and crown that will affect the equips stats?
  10. I highly doubt that the gear's stats will be influenced by a lack of people with the item. I mean, look at the 2012 ASW equips. The ring, the pauldrons, and the shoulderplates all have a combined stats of somewhere in the ballpark of 300 mil. Of course, only 100 people have all three, but that's a moot point.
  11. You guys gotto relax.. Devs are working on the stats,, I have full confidence that once they are done you'll enjoy the new stats.. Just chill out and hit a eb..
  12. @kaw_community will you be addressing the banner issue as well? The 90k banner by no means is comparable to a level 2 banner... my level 1 balanced banner gives 3% total stats while the 90k feather banner does the same... isnt that misrepresentation? Misleading people to spend more on the game is not a good business practice bt any means. At least hold up to what was said by you
  13. Lol really kaw community is this a joke? They did not knew this?? Things get better with time not worst. Smh
  14. Dear Devs,

    it is hard to understand that now, after the fact, you (ATA) need to study and reconsider the specifications of the awards earned from the feather event, which has been in place for over a month.

    I think that you (ATA) need to establish, inter alia, a quality control department, a strategic planning department, and a customer service department.

    You could do a so much better job here, and consequently have many more than the current ~ 60'000 active players. But players need to trust your management of the Kaworld in order to contribute real money to the game.

    Repeatedly revisiting and revisising key decisions and information released to the Kawmunity does little to foster the requisite trust. I, for one, am disinclined to invest into a venture that I cannot trust.
  15. I didn't do this event, for the sole reason I knew it'd be a huge waste of time, and another distraction from OSW - the way I choose to play KaW.

    With the last event like this (moths or something) many of us (myself included) wasted time doing stupid ebs, and using health crystals, middle of the night alarms etc. to reach a desired amount only to get equipment that was outdated by eb equips released 18 months before that. I posted on that forum thread, no to complain or be a little *****, but to give my honest feedback / suggestion on how to improve the general reaction from the KaWmunity. My suggestion was to show the items maxed out stats, so players know BEFORE COMMITTING what they were working for. That way no one can complain about how crap they were after choosing themselves that they are worth working for. KaW_Admin him/herself quoted my comment, and responded that they will do that for the next event.

    You lied and I have the screenshot to prove it.

    I am now reading these comments of people raging on how bad they are, and I have to admit, I'm getting quite the chuckle out of it. I have like 1300 feathers or something (the ones I got just for logging in) and have 0 regrets about the way I spent this entire event. Can any of you say the same?

    Want to improve this game? PM me devs, I'm more than happy to help ;)

  16. @dragonrider after the last 24 hours however can you have full confidence in anything stay does? I wouldn't have full confidence in their ability to tie their own shoes at this point.
  17. Dude they are probably doing some comparing to past stats and finding a fair middle ground so everyone is happy. Well look at the stats on the fiend bow they are nice the Icetail best sword in the game unless you got mith equipment .. I think once they decide on the new stats the boots and helmet will be top but not as good as mith equipment.. Just gotto be patient.. More everyone bothers them and complains the less work they are doing.. Just relax hit the eb forget about it sleep it off tomorrow when you wake up bam better stats lol.. Atleast I hope so ....
  18. Because they didn't have two months to work that out,right?
  19. And no talking on forums and giving feed back doesn't slow down the developers. You really think they are stopping their work to read this?
  20. ^ This is what Chaos and I were talking about, but what do I know? I'm just a strategist.

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