The End Of Black Hand

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  1. :lol:
  2. Lol what wolverine says was somewhat true. When was the last time you were hesitant to hit someone in Blackhand? However last year it seemed they were making a nice comeback with a good base of subclans. Pity they couldn't build more on that.
  3. I wouldnt be hesitant to hit anyone if I had Kaw's biggest alliance behind me too.
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  5. do try jenni your another known liar .skittles was in striptease i know that . you forget i fighted striptease when bootsy again made me striptease clan farm because cant fight me alone. your also famous jenni for C.F ing to osiris to true spartans ( and dropping build so true spartans cant touch you ) .and c.f twice to crackdown .and leaving blackhand 3 times. yes jenni talk big . you cant get me forum banned for speaking the truth and skittles is a man . formally blueberry .stick to what you do best jenni being a wc sleazy talker cause you aint nothing special else youd not have c.f so many times.
  6. Wow dude... I just read this :( good luck guys
  7. Yes Roni, everybody is a liar
  8. I remember Black Hand years ago how i always wanted to join but now it's gone
    NME Respects BH ️
  9. Please enlighten me. But I'm pretty sure you're referring to the one that was attempted while I was awake and y'all ran numerous bars on 20B and ate a couple hundred in reset bombs..

    Yea I wouldn't brag too hard about that.

    Roni that's a completely different skittles
  10. Roni is actually making you all look like fool.........seriously your embarrassing yourselves
  11. Mat you need to self evaluate before making that statement

  12. 2011 called it wants blackhand back
  13. Barbie am embarrassed for you.......
  14. Am embarrassed for your brain
  15. Thats a shame. Sad to see good clans go under