The End of an Era: Derek Jeter

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  1. Great thread - went to watch Derek play for many seasons. He was an incredible leader and example for other athletes. He will be sorely missed.
  2. Total hits, at bat, games played, and the other one... Might be because he played for 20 years? You know he's not even nearly the best? I have the stats to show for it :) .
  3. A great the house that Jeter built
  4. If he had played for the astros this thread wouldnt have been made (biggio has similar numbers). With that said Jeter was a consistent but not great baseball player. He was an extraordinary human being. That can never be overstated. He played in an era where internet and social media made a normal life impossible. Yet in the pressure cooker of new york he never gave anyone reason to doubt his character.
  5. No you don't. If you do please share. :roll:
  6. The entire problem with the Biggio / Jeter comparison is a career .309 BA compared to a .281 BA is a HUGE difference. Personally I believe Biggio should already be in, he is one of the best 2B to ever play the game. :)