The End of an Era: Derek Jeter

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  1. So, 20 years huh. I'm not even 20 :lol:
  2. Peyton Manning is better!
  3. Can you say overrated? If he'd played for the padres, no one would have remembered him.
  4. Of course he roided up. Only an idiot would claim otherwise.
  5. He didn't deserve a single of those fold gloves. Not with his joke of a range.
  6. The reason Jeter played on a good team and got noticed, was because he was that good. He was the player able to be on the top program. He's the reason he became known as an incredible player. Not because of his team, because of his effort.
  7. According to meatball, the other teams only wanted crappy players for their team.
  8. Frog is completely right. Jeter was overrated and terrible defensively. Gold gloves are a joke but even more so in captain jeeeeeets case.
  9. For sure a great game op
    I clapped when I saw that hit.
    What an end to a 20 year stretch.
    # greatness isn't easy
    # NYY legend
  10. If you ask me, the White Sox goodbye video to Paul Konerko was a lot more classy than the cheese they put out for Jeter.

    Less is more when it comes to tributes.
  11. Jeter! Thanks for all the 30-homer MVP seasons️

    wait a second......

    There weren't any
  12. Lol frog, it's obvious your a red socks fan
    Your really saying jeter was sub par defensively?
    Share with the class, what your taking because it must be that potent 
    Jeter has more defensive top 10 plays then Big Pappa ️
    He also made it on the tough New York stage.
    NY fans don't care if your good, they only care if you can win, and jeter was loved by New Yorkers . That speaks volumes bro
    Also, if jeter was on another team , I would bank my chips on the fact that he would of had more stats . As I said, it's no easy task, making a name for yourself as a Yankee.
    It must suck that he wasent a red sock... Sorry bro.. You mad?
  13. Frog and Troll admittedly don't know baseball. Lol it's cool though.

  14. Frog watched Keith Olbermann
  15. Seriously though he has no range? What are you 12? He was one of the best SS and earned those gloves earlier in his career.

    Also 6th all time on the hits list don't matter what team you're on. That is legend in and of itself. Sorry you hate the team he was on and can't see past that.
  16. For sure DMC.
    Hey frog, did you know, that despite Jeter's greatness , at the start of everyone of his 20 seasons, he would fear up and earn his spot on the Yankee roster ?
    So in Jeter's mind, he still felt he had to earn his spot. Even though he was the top player (both offensively and defensively ) on the team?
    I just wanted to share that.
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  17. Why can none of u spell respect?

  18. Biggest accomplishment: he's a Yankee. Tada.
  19. I just read tbe red. Seems boring