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  1. To the Developers of KaW,

    The plot for the latest and newest EB has been created by a most wise player. I am asking that you take the contents of this post into great consideration.

    “It’s about time we got a Bad Dudes epic battle. Based on the classics NES game, BAD DUDES.

    PHASE 1; Someone activated Bad Dudes, wait 15 minutes to take this in.
    PHASE 2; Trey said no way, scout a way to way.
    PHASE 3; Chad said this is bad, find a way to not get him mad.
    PHASE 4; Bret said don’t fret, steal away and hope he forgets.
    PHASE 5; Blaine said here comes the pain! Scout a way to avoid the train.
    PHASE 6; Mitch said don’t be a little snitch, time to plant the powder that itches.
    PHASE 7; Troy said no more toys. Gotta fight this out now with the boys.
    PHASE 8; Chip gives you lip, tap him hard, just the tip.
    PHASE 9; Overtake all dudes at once... dude.

    The random drop from this EB is a pair of board shorts and some shades. ‘Bonus -300m to all stats but changes the players name to the color beige (Green-Echo4Legend).’

    Battle list sends ‘WHAT, YOU WANT SOME BRO’ messages to players instead of incoming hits.

    Lastly, if you sit in a clan for too long with too many dudes, the player will lose some gold, notified by the message ‘Dude, Jeff smoked all the stash dude..’”

    Quote from - TheRealDMC-Echo2Charlie

    Sincerely just a messenger dude,
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    I would honestly wear eq that gives negative stats and misc negative effects but looks dank, support
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    DUDE! Just need some shades and shorts man.
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    I fully support this eb. OP obviously knows what they're doing. ATA needs to hire this guy
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    Dude u need to get more dudes in there dude on support
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    Winston! Just shades and shorts mang! Got me brosephenstein?
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    Is that dude like totally trying to steal your stuff dude?
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    "Come At Me Bro" above your wc name!
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    +1111111111111 support
  12. We need more support dudes....
  13. Full support Dude!!
  14. This EB is still better than all the events done brah.