The Drifting Ones

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  1. The Drifting Ones

    Your efforts have succeeded. Against all odds, you find yourself reflected by magic into the distant Plane of the Mirrored Ones... Before you lies the land called Pallumen: a sky of whirling light and shadow, with countless drifting crystals caught in unseen currents. And somewhere above it all, the powerful mirrored gods who you have sworn to defeat...

    This event consists of a primary Legend and an extra Legend available immediately, as well as a set of three side-Legends that will unlock the day after with 2000 collection items. These side-Legends will offer players a choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard. The rewards increase with each difficulty level, but so does the challenge. Players WILL be able to complete each level once the previous choice has been completed.

    This event will be available from Wednesday, July 8th until Wednesday, July 22nd at noon PT.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Drifting Ones will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Ioradix Box, and Royal Ioradix Box.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. screams internally

    Cool af serpent though!
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  3. Bring us another Aeon set reworked please
  4. Do you lot even care at this point
  5. Pallumen lands mentioned again....
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  6. No promo for july 4th, no new lands, and trashy set of furn. Congrats, you fooled us once again.
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  7. 'Before you lies the land called Pallumen'

    I assume we are close to reaching those lands then! Very interesting to read the storyline. I am guessing the new lands will be reached next event or atleast very soon.
  8. Disappointed in no clan loyalty rewards. There was a lot of support for that in Awen's thread.
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  9. I’m pretty sure permanent changes, especially across two code bases, take time to implement. When you consider that lands/buildings also can be really janky each time they’re added, you could view the lack of lands being added as a sign that they’re working on the supporting features with the release
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  10. Right but we don't have any hope that they ever listen to playing community like shouting in deaf ears 😜
  11. Devs don't repeat previous year schedule
  12. I hear the customer base, do you? Some good ideas in the forums post from last event ... with zero comment or response from the Dev community. Doesn’t seem like you are hearing us. The new eb, failure at launch - when it’s new and clans won’t run it ... it’s a failure, to not fix it compounds the failure. 75K top reward jump ... really? After all the feedback thru help desk and forums and chatter in game .. I seriously hope you are planning a roll back and rework your plan.
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  13. I wouldn’t say the new EB is a failure at launch - that’s up to the creators and personally I would say it has done its job.

    As far as a lack of developer response, there’s generally two types of engagement you generally want to see: constant engagement all the time, sustained with constant tweaks and patching - extremely difficult to sustain long term, usually only done around a game launch or after a big feature launches. The other you want to see is saying nothing. Why? Well-meaning half-hearted engagement means that the community will crucify you if you change your design plan for any reason, if there are any delays, and if, after delays, you didn’t mean the community’s self-hyped up unrealistic expectations. Also, any non-constant engagement is never enough, and the community would prefer to live in the developer’s skull and know exactly what they are doing at all times..and if it isn’t to their subjective, highly specific and varying global liking..they’ll crucify the developers.

    So, silence to me says dilligence. Be wary of a shower of gifts - it may be a sign the end of the game is near. Small updates and tweaks, hinted lands that haven’t released yet, around when big community feedback dropped that requires a look back at the bigger plan, and the death of premium clans helping with that reconsideration - read between the lines and see there’s still work being done. ^^
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  14. They already have a framework for implementing clan loyalty. We've had 2 events in the past done this way
  15. That’s a temporary measure though. To fully implement as a non-event still takes resources and time, assuming that’s the solution they want to go with.
  16. Good... Good... Let the conspiracy flow through you

    But yeah new lands plz
  17. Good... Good... Let the conspiracy flow through you

    But yeah new lands plz

    P.S. Ignore my previous screw up 🤭
  18. Personally I think the 50k top tier should be restored. It would save a lot of time and energy and was somewhat fair. Clan loyalty was a good idea, but it was because 75k is unreachable for those who dont hop. Would be easier to just get back to 50k and be done with it.