The Dread of Gray

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  1. Im depessed too of this color
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I came into this thread triggered as I thought the title read, "The Dread of Gay"

    Eh. Colours don't bother me.
    Also my skin is greyish so I am once again triggered...
  5. :lol: that would be a fun thread, indeed!
  6. Cheer up, things aren't all doom and gloom here!

    With our last forum revamp many months ago we switched to a darker colour so that the forums better visually integrated with the game itself. We actually did the same thing for all of our games. It's just that KaW is a very serious game, where danger lurks in the shadows.

    Also, kaw_admin shot down my other design.
  7. We should rise up against kaw admin and make this happen
  8. Make a shark event. Make this design happen.
    Do it. Do it. Do it.
  9. I'm so sick and tired of KaW admin being such a curmudgeon! It's time for us to rise up and demand the Rise of The Shark! 
  10. yeah i like the shark design better too.
  11. I agree with this. They took away rap as soon as they swapped colors. Theyll take this one too if ppl get too creative. Im not sure why, but I get the feeling they want us to be quiet (hence, the report button).
  12. That blue would of been a great choice as color for the new layout. You defintely deserve the job of being the designer then the one who picked this
  13. dude. do you even read your own posts?
  14. The dread of people spelling grey gray rather