The Dread of Gray

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  1. Depressed, people got depressed mate.


  2. now I want to see this removed gif :/

    edit:If you're so weak-minded that colors influence your behaviour then something is wrong.

    edit 2:Also who the heck is your source?
    "Empower yourself with color" lmao

    I have this issue with sites that have "empower yourself" in the title.
  3. (Last post this thread)

    1st reasonable thing you've said in forums.

    Lili if bright shiny loud things make you happy, you are flat out the village idiot
  4. Let me brighten your day
  5. @kasama a.k.a. sasuke

    firstly it was a bouncing boobies gif

    secondly it doesn't matter how strong minded u are, color and environment do influence people. It's a proven fact and arguing with it is just plain stupid.

    thirdly, i love how u like to edit my source to make it less credible.

    Color psychology is just as credible as psychology itself.


    U, sir, are a plain moron. Uncapable of higher level thinking.

  6. eh actually colors influence mood, so she's right about that. imo it doesnt influence people posting here tho
  7. Environment is correct.
    Your source supposedly has a bachelor in social science so now I have to agree with this color psychology nonsense?

    I'd like a more credible source i.e. a url that doesn't have "empower yourself" in the title.

    You know how they say red is the color of lust or anger?

    If you were stuck in a room with a static red light, would you be super pissed because of the light or the fact you're stuck in a room?

    Would you feel "lustful" because you see the red light?


  8. Forums does indeed suck at the moment.

    I'll try and make a happy thread for you Lili :lol:
  9. I'll heart u forever 

  11. It's the late February/early March blues
  12. Thanks I forget how it looked.

    The science is sound, although I have yet to feel the effects of this due to forums.

    Seasonal affected disorder (sad) is linked to this, grey and cold skies and the such like. KaW could just be sad during the winter times. We need a bright and colourful celebration to cheer us up. (not an event something free from the players to the players.)

  13. Empirical evidence please ...where do you read or see that sasonal depression is linked to color psychology (or depression)

    Just saying that the "science is sound" without presenting the science your referring to is ...well BS. Studies with empirical evidence please ...and not about seasonal depression which is completely different from supposed color induced depression

    Please post something showing the link between the two...
  14. "Winter wonderland"
    Feelings of joy and fun can be felt during winter as well.

    Not sound.

    Some of these seem sort of legible.

    But you still didn't answer my question regarding the red light... Lol
  15. @todd

    If the subject is not researched enough, doesn't mean it has no effect. Would u deny that color patterns can induce seisures? It's proven and a known fact.
    Just because nobody actually exlerimented in depriving a human of color to check if it actually can cause depression, doesn't mean that grey makes people jump for joy. Show a grey toy to a baby and the same toy in red. She'll pick red.
  16. Devs could make the background green like a school chalkboard. After all the reason they are green is that it is the less tiresome color to the eyes.
  17. @kasama

    And red light makes me both lusty and angry.