The Dread of Gray

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  1. The Dread of Gray

    I know a lot has been said about the new forum format. Some like it (suck ups to devs), most don't. I am really trying to get used to it.

    I did notice the change in forum trends. There appears to be more of sad, depressing threads. Like these

    I started thinking that it might be related to the new color scheme. According to color psychology gray is "conservative, boring, drab and depressing".It does not stimulate, energize, rejuvenate or excite. It's just blah....

    Then it dawned on me... omg, it's all part of devious kaw_com's plan. ATA itself calls kaw its most "hard core" game. We are passionate about game, about warring, pvp, events. How to tone down the drama, extinguish the passion? Put us into a gray environment and it will slowly start slipping into our souls poisoning with its dreadfulness. Kind of like pink jail cells for violent prisoners.

    No more 50 shades of gray for u, kaw_com!!!

    I suggest to post colorful and exciting gifs and pics to conquer the dread!

    p.s. i wouldn't mind pink background
  2. "Most don't like forum color"......please show me your proof of's a known fact that more people are likely to report a complaint than that they are happy with a service........It could be that for every 1 complainer there's 50 who don't like but won't complain and 500 who me your facts before trying to speak for kaw.....

    Ps I love the new setup
  3. look at the threads, what they are about. Death, suicide, economical and political collapse. Where is banter?

    Show me ONE thread that came after the change that is actually fun.
  4. Pars - how about "most people who have voiced their opinion about the new color scheme have said they don't like it"?

    What Lili is getting at is true. I'm not gonna go back and count them, but there are probably close to a hundred complaints about the new layout, including almost everyone who is well known in this forum.

    The new layout is absolutely dreadful and depressing, and her psychology article adds a bit of credibility to why people find it so depressing.
  5. idk about that known fact...i hear more complaints about new forums than those who are for it and thats a fact & everytime i like sumtin the devs do i send positive feedback their way while i ignore alot of aspects i don't like & just accept it, i know many ppl the same as me too, ppl who prefer to compliment rather than to complain & many ppl across the world are taught from a young age if you don't have something good to say, don't say it all, while being taught its polite to compliment others work :)

  6. I had one going. Many people asked for it to be locked because you couldn't handle my swag.
  7. Ur thread was before forum format changed.

  8. As much as I respect Lili and not a fan of the new style and it is a colour issue blue looks better.

    There could be other factors if you say hey look there's loads of depressing threads they will stand out more just because that's how the mind works.

    Equal it could be the voice of one person has given the freedom to others to express their views on how they feel.

    Don't blame the greys, but please devs throw a paint shop at this forum.
  9. Idiot you're blaming the forum color on people being depressed and whatnot?

    ...if the "forum color" is making you depressed stop KAWing and go get professional help
  10. Todd, this is science. Gray is proven to make people depressed. Read the article, there is a link on op.
    And i am pretty sure kaw_com is using color psychology to tame the masses.

  11. I agree, it makes me sad looking a all these greys/grays. And the constant threads about Remembering those and whatnot, does prove a point.

    And, I love you Lili.

    This is an article about studies that show that people with depression see world in shades of gray, darker. Who says that the opposite is not true? Staring at gray doesn't make u feel blah?.. When it rains for a long time u don't feel annoyed and tired? Why do states with gray skies have higher suicide rates? Like Washington.

    I say the gray color scheme was done on purpose. To domesticate us, to take away our spirit. So we are easier to control.
  13. Wasn't it grey before though possible a light black.

    I'm thinking we could have at least have our names in different colours based on the number of posts we've made like ata have red and mods green. Just to brighten up the place.
  14. True the background was gray before. Now EVERYTHING is gray. The names, the icones, the comments. Gray, gray, gray. Even red is just another shade of gray.

  15. I love how they can take the time to personally remove a gif, but not comment on their mistake.

    Good job devs
  16. The gray is pretty dreadful, I'm thinking hot pink would be better?
  17. Bring back the white background
  18. i made a banter thread but people got bored.