The Devs Are Illuminati Confirmed

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  1. The devs are illuminati confirmed.

    In this thread I will explain why and how the devs are illuminati, so grab your spragga or your Keemstar because **** is about to get real.

    The devs.
    The devs created epic battles.
    There are currently thirteen epic battle bosses in KaW.
    3-1 is 2.
    For 2 days straight I have been spamming the devs feed back asking if they are a part of the illuminati(actually true)
    They have responded to me 0 times.
    0 is the amount of ***** anyone gives about their feelings.
    Feelings has 8 letters.
    8-1 is 7.
    Spragga has 7 letters in it.
    It is a well known fact that spragga is part of the illuminati.
    Spragga is currently having a sale.
    Wait... Did you catch that...
    No? Well, let me break it down for you.
    Spragga is having a sale on the devs game. Spragga is illuminati. The devs control the game and what is advertised on it for sales. If spragga is hosting a sale then there are only a few options.

    1. Spragga and the devs are one and the same.
    2. Spragga was the one who kidnapped Marina Joyce and is holding her and the devs in his/her basement.
    3. The person hosting the sale isn't actually Spragga.
  2. Whoa man, what a great thread. Best of. 10/10.
  3. protip - switch to your alt before giving your own thread mad props.

    that one mistake cost you, so your thread only receives a 9/10. what is 9/10 + one? Illuminati confirmed.

    (actually it is 19/10, you math wizz you.)
  4. What are you talking about dude that wasn't his account. Great thread Ian, easily 10/10.
  5. Theres a bypass here. **Eagle spots its prey**
  6. You know op needs to get out more when they refer to youtube drama
  7. Yeah, that ops a ******* no life.
  8. Don't joke about the illuminati... If they find out you're not a satanist they'll come for you.

  9. Your thread is bad, and you should feel bad..
  10. Here I thought I watched too many LeafyIsHere videos, this guy went all out to copy his shtick for forums.
  11. This is a copy of pledophobian not that loser.
  12. You know you actually love it. ;)
  13. This actually made me laugh
  14. @op I though shrek kidnapped joyce
  15. That is another distinct possibility.

    Perhaps spragga = shrek?!?
  16. USA has 3 letters.



    Ayy lmao