the de-volution of our forum

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by SkinnyMinny, Aug 24, 2016.

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  1. Hello.

    I would like to discuss the changes and measures that have redefined our once genuinely entertaining forums.

    What has happened ?

    There was a time, not so long ago when the forum was the place to call out, harass, threaten and beguile your enemies.

    Forums was the place to make war. Make enemies, make alliances.

    What has happened? The rules have changed, without fully explaining to the players what is acceptable and what isn't.

    What was once acceptable is now bannable.

    Our forums now seem to be nothing more than a place for informing us about upcoming events, the games agenda and a few " light hearted" overly politically correct threads "all in good fun"

    It's a real shame. Despite what a few haters would say. We all love to read, follow, participate in dredging bottom of the barrel drama. That's what we came here for.

    You can thank the easily offended .
    You can thank the whiners
    You can thank the weak
    You can thank that stupid ability to, at the click of a button complain and cry about how you have been wronged.

    Bring back the game of war, on all fronts is my opinion.

    Really? That poor guy. Someone give him a tampon.

    Thanks to players like this guy. They ruined it for everyone. Sad. Weak willed nobodies.

    Put on your metal skin, or get out and stay out.

    Thanks . Thanks for nothing.
  2. Over moderation and lack of forethought threads is what's slowly killing forums, as I've said on another thread. Those locked threads because they're in that grey area of derailment are kind of sad to see as they could get back to topic. Add that on top of "trolling" going so far as to start throwing insults at people to get it off topic.

    The matter is people need to at least try keep it on topic, while getting what they have to say out.
  3. Another thread about me ? This is getting stalkerish
  4. Maybe keep your threads kaw related and don't bring personal info into them
  5. Threads should be able to derail, get back on track, derail etc, and it shouldn't constitute locking them.

    Threads always have a way of organically and naturally falling off active and disappearing when they are done.

    Derailing should not be a just reason to lock.
  6. Don't flatter yourself. It's not about you. Nothing in kaw is ever about you, that's what your biggest issue is. Sorry.

    Try. If you're able, to stick to the topic.
  7. Support. Forums are too controlled. I don't put my real thoughts due to fear of being banned.
  8. THIS

    Minny hit the spot
  9. "Dont flatter yourself its not about you"... yet the whole post is about onesy. Hahahahaha
  10. And you're his clan mate doing exactly what a sheep is expected to do.

    Baa baa baa baa
  11. The entire KaWmunity revolves around me which is common knowledge. I have graced you with my presence.

    You're welcome.
  12. Skinny just ask me to marry you already, at this rate I expect the proposal by no later than Friday
  13. Im a wolf in sheeps clothing, you should pay more attention
  14. I can tell from your win/loss ratio. You're a real wolf  try epic battle fairy moron. noob.
  15. Remember. The numbers don't lie. Wannabe wolves do
  16. He's been in osw for wayyy longer than you, you do know he's an attack heavy hybrid with adt right?
  17. You'd know. Why don't we all post a screen shot of our battle stats and we can see the truth of the matter?

    As I said. The numbers don't lie. Wannabe wolves do .
  18. Ummm. No he's not? He's more spy heavy.
  19. [​IMG]

    Let's see his battle stats.

    Let's see yours also onsey.

    We see who's been playing off system and who hasn't
  20. Support
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