The Curse of Tongues

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  1. The Curse of Tongues

    A curse has spread across the tulgey wood, twisting the words of slithy toves and manxome foe alike! Armed only with magnificent beasts and a deadly weapon can you figure out the vorpal sword?

    My lord what is happening to my words?!?
    I'll try that again.

    A curse has spread across the tulge---what? WHAT IS THIS TRAVESTY?

    Oh I get it. . . it's Christmas, oh Santa guide me.

    Aethel's Purification Potion

    Surely something can untwist these tongues! Perhaps these will I can help? Try this potion packed with all the nutrients a growing monarch needs and hopefully a cure for this vorpal sword! You can find yours in the special event section of the market for 2 Nobility.

    A Deadly Weapon and a Magnificent Beast

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What better way to intimidate a manxome foe than the Deadly Weapon and Magnificent Beast emoji spells! They can both be found in the special event section of the market for 5000000 Gold each.

    Your Benevolent Benefactors
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  2. Where are the pvp events you promised after discontinuing seasonal wars?
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  3. Just give us something we ask for
  4. Another trash event nobody wants
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  5. This trash Fr
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  6. I can appreciate an April fools gag event like this but dev team needs to step up their game and not have this be the only new addition to the game in months.
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  7. So you get fooled into spending nobility?
  8. I applaud ye!
    I didst wait for this to occur and ho! it hath not disappointed. That you stayed on the mediaeval thematics is nought but a wondrous move🔥
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  9. We get tongue twisters
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  10. I think I figured out most of the tongue twisters, but what replaces Santa 🙄🙄
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  11. April fools
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  12. Thanks for the good light hearted fun! Got cc and wc really hopping.
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  13. It was Spragga :p
  14. Thanks for putting the event on, very appreciated from some of us at least :)
  15. Drats!
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