The Curse of An00bis

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  1. The Curse of An00bis


    An00bis RISES!!1!!one

    His terrible curse rampages through the world! His cult grows! He'll... be gone in about a day!


    There are prizes!

    Starting April 1st at noon Pacific, until April 2nd at noon Pacific, An00bis' curse will wreak havoc! Those in his cult have but one goal, to induct those not yet loyal to An00bis' into his gray flock. Those cultists most loyal will find themselves richly(?) rewarded!

    How It Works

    [ATA] Staff and some mods* will start out as cultists (and remain so for the duration of the event)
    A cultist can PvP any non-cultist
    The PvP attack will succeed
    No gold will change hands
    The non-cultist will become a cultist for a short duration** and they are given 🍼emoji around their name
    The attacking cultist gets an item for a one-day leaderboard
    The top 10 leaderboard spots get a pet with art by myself or [ATA]Lirael

    Good luck, and try not to get pwn3d!

    *The mods who will start out as cultists are: Dave, -SS-Thrawn-SS-, Michael, JEDI-maestro, Mei, MrGibbyGibson

    **"A short duration" is until the end of the next 2-hour block. The first two-hour block starts April 1 Noon Pacific. If you become a cultist at 12:05 or 12:55 or 1:45, your buff will expire at 2:00 (all Pacific times).
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  2. Corvid bb
  3. Apparently only successful troops attacks are useful in this event. Good luck to my fellow ps/Hansel there is no point of trying in this event.
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  4. Steal works
  5. Wait how do you see how many of the LB items there is? It isn’t on profile or a legend?
  6. It said the action will succeed but I just had like 5 of them fail, even tho they weren’t previously contaminated. Full refund plz
  7. Bottles take a second to display on names :) someone else hit them first.
  8. A mod told me only troops works so now I’m confused
  9. I did see a kid tell terra only troops worked
  10. A whole mod* too
  11. Any pvp action works. But only the first action against someone who is not yet converted. If you fail, someone else beat you to hitting them.
  12. FYI, I was hit by a cultist, then hit by another who couldn’t see my bottles and I lost quite a bit of gold...GOLD CHANGED HANDS! It should be made clear that this can occur
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  13. The hit that turns you into a cultist does not take gold. Any subsequent pvp will act normally.

    Hit them back 😋
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  14. I’m not complaining Thrawn, but there WILL. Be unhappy folks if this isn’t made clear...I’m just trying to give a warning...
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  15. Obvious now why you botch lowland wars and take 4 days to respond to tickets sent and allow people with shattered sword to continue to war. ATALireal busy licking windows and eating the crayons he used to draw pet rocks. Smh.
  16. This.
  17. Big same.
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  19. This is a stunning study of epidemiology.
  20. I read the post and have no idea still what to do. I think my brain is fried from not sleeping lol