the curius case of roni

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by saltyfeet, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. What's going on
  2. Oh damn the return of salty feet, what up my dude. You should know theres no point talking roni.
  3. Salty must truly be salty to go to the trouble to make a thread about someone, and also salty should edit the op, he didn’t drop into character for the first sentence and it makes his performance seem amateurish
  4. gotta commit
  5. You got that right Fonzie , saltyfeet is not acting his normal self and attempted to backstab me. Wrong move there though salty. You thought you knew me but really were clueless.I am far from predictable .And ever attempt to backstab me and insult me.I Will flip the script on you as you just learned.
    I had been in worldchat talking to Sabot,LoneSong and BobRoss and Lonesong had asked if i will return back to kaw fulltime to play again.I replyed maybe because my old friend has just returned.Lonesong replyed is that Saltyfeet ? I said no it's Mobo who is on my wall.That i had known him since when i first began kaw and were in a.d.h.d clan and also Lala's clan together. That's when saktyfeet appeared and said in worldchat roni is a chump.I think saltyfeet must have read that and it hurt his feelings that i hadnt said his name , but had told my old clan friend Mobo instead
    .But i said i had seen saltyfeet had returned and i was happy because he used to make kaw fun to be on.As anyone from a few year's ago might probably remember i had always been good to saltyfeet.Him, Skinnyminny and myself used to joke around together on forums. So him calling me a chump was completly out the blue and uncalled for .But try press my buttons i will throw all i know back at you .i told him i see his true colours and just to fill him in that when i had seen his main account being stripped that i had told Liz Barthory.Saltyfeet then said Liz Bathory is a chump too .Me and Sabot said Liz is loverly and i also remembered a few years ago in worldchat that saltyfeet used say how great Liz is.So him calling her a chump was out of character and he said liz is a man .Then i said but i'm glad to have now seen his true colours because next time he is in trouble i will turn a blindeye.Then :- sobsob i must have then hurt saltyfeet's feelings because look at him trying to portray himself as a victim of my wrath haha. Dont even bother trying to lie about me saltyfeet to give yourself a topic for the day because you will end up looking the size of a ant and pathetic by the time i have finished with you.
  6. All cleared up now saltyfeet !!
  7. Fml...i Get a headache trying to decipher wtf Saltys sentences say. How in the world does your auto correct let you get away with that.
  8. It's a unique lingo by a unique player, just sit back & enjoy eberybody 
  9. Nah roni. I didnt eben had the chance to acknoledge u when u estarted with ur nonsense.
  10. Salty is a PC alt. Or care so much he turns off his auto correct just to type on kaw which would be even more sad.
  11. I famt these dud not long ago lolololol
  12. You're not funny
  13. Oh, was I joking? That was a serious statement not an attempt at humor.
  14. Look here grin...

    Usin wors like decipher an estatement makes u look like ur a try hard an a true chump.

    We don like ur kind obere
  15. Ed like to esay, that I ectually REALLY like the way eyou ecalls it "estuff" and "estatement". Like an e-mail, its all online ewords enyway.
  16. eonline*
  17. #SupportRoni as Salty is a numpty cabbage.